Desmayo Cat Eyes

  1. Is it just me or do you think the gold hardware on these sunnies is screaming for attention? I like the style it too loud? :shrugs:

  2. I like them, They look great on you.
  3. Thanks, theglamorous! 1 vote towards getting them. Seems I'm just waiting for enablers, lol.
    But I welcome frank opinions! :yes:

  4. i like them! Why are they screaming for attention!?
  5. Thanks! I guess I'm oversensitive. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing the gold fleurs around the edges :shrugs:

  6. I actually think they look rather tame compared to some sunnies I've seen on people
  7. I like the gold hardware on them! They really do look GREAT on you. :biggrin:
  8. It compliments your face shape well! :smile:
  9. Aww, thanks everyone! I'm feeling more confident about them now. :cutesy:
  10. I think they look gorgeous on you! Get them! Not screaming ata all. Don't really notice the fluers.
  11. They look great on you!!! Get them!!
  12. Goody! I'm ok with my bags drawing attention to themselves but not so comfortable with people staring at my face, if that makes sense, lol.

  13. I think they look great on you!
  14. you look hot !
  15. They look great on you!
    I would totally get them!