Desk Shelf Ideas?

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  1. Hey everyone.

    We've had a lot of construction going on at our house lately. One big change that was made was my bedroom. It was so small before so they knocked out a wall to expand it. They built another closet, but between the second closet and the wall there is a small space. I'm not sure what the dimension is, but it is pretty small. They are going to build a desk in that space. What I am wondering is if anyone has any ideas for shelving? I could ask them to build the shelves in or buy them. I need a shelf either above or below the desk for my printer. I also wanted a part of the desk that would slide out so that I can put my notebooks and day planner on it and when I need to write something I could slide it out from the desk, or slide it in when I don't need it. I thought it would be good because then I wouldn't have to clutter my desk (it will be small) with notebooks, etc when I don't need them all the time. The things that will be on the desk will be my laptop, textbooks, pen holder and some space for a coffee from Tim Hortons! Haha.

    Any insight would be so awesome.
    Thanks so much!!
  2. hiya.

    if the contractors are building your desk anyway, i'd just have them build the shelves too, that way you can have it anyway you want it. and it'll look more custom.

    maybe you could get a little file cabinet with wheels to go underneath. that way, you can store a lot more stuff in it and tuck it away if when you don't need it. that way you're shelves can be reserved for more decorative items! they have some cute ones now like at pottery barn or if you want a more modern look cb2. i've also seen a pretty fuschia one at office depot for like $50.
  3. There are many types of shelves to consider, so keep in mind what items you are storing, as well as their weight. You do not want a heavy object on a small shelf.