Desk Exercises that work?

  1. does anyone use exercise equipment while at the computer, i figure i spend a couple hours a day at the computer...i was thinking there must be something that lets you exercise your legs while sitting?

    a friend suggested sitting on a balance ball instead of my i am going to find mine and try that

    is there something like an exercise bike that could sit under your desk, to move your feet along while sitting?

    just wondering
  2. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought you had a fat desk! HA! Oye, I need more coffee!

    I have seen little pedaling things on a mount thing that you can fit under a desk... for the life of me I can't think of the name though. Maybe google portable pedal bike or something like that?

    A physical therapist showed me some cool excersises to do because I am pretty well bed-ridden in the winter, and doing them keeps my legs toned without causing problems in my spine. They are really easy and you could adapt them to your situation, but probably the hardest part would be to remember to do them routinely. One of the worse problems people who are in wheelchairs and spend a lot of time reclining is "drop foot", which if left untreated can cause all kinds of difficulties later on.

    What you do is (and I think you could do this sitting, I do it reclining with my legs straight in front of me) point your toes down, and at the same time, squeeze your buttocks together, much like a Kegel excersise. Hold for ten. Then bring your toes towards your head as tight as you can, andclench the calf muscles. Count of ten. Repeat each ten times.

    I am pretty large in the belly and chest, but man, I have the nicest calves and slim ankles because of this!

    Good luck hon!
  3. I was gonna say the balance ball... I t to sit on one for at least an hour a day!
  4. finally found my balance ball, but it is too short to use at my i will buy another.

    thank you speedy for the thoughtful ideas! i am going to try all (or most) of them, after this i will google the pedal thing...i can burn a few calories while sitting here!
  5. How about some ankle weights, therabands, wrist weights? On tv I saw some guy set up his computer so it was an a treadmill platform and he walked all day while at the computer.
  6. How about this, I thought of buying it but but I don't know how well it works

    Portable Mini cycle
    Portable stationary bike features foot pedals with narrower interchangeable grips for your hands.
    Use while seated to strengthen and tone legs. Place on a tabletop and give arms a workout using smaller hand grips.
    Turn the dial to adjust the resistance.
    LCD shows speed, distance, timer, odometer and estimated calories burned.
  7. That sounds like it would certainly make a difference. Thank you for posting. I am going to try that myself. :tup: