Desiring MC Agenda - Blanc or Noir?

  1. HELP! I am having trouble deciding between the MC White or MC Black Small Agenda as a calendar/wallet combo.

    Leaning towards the black for practicality, but soooo loving the white...

    Already have the MC White Cles and MC White Pochette - should matching these even matter?

    Thanks y'all!
  2. i prefer the noir, but since you already have MC pieces in blanc, might as well get white.......
  3. I adore Black MC.. They stand out so much and IMO not so much faked out there if u koe wat i mean..
  4. I like the noir.
  5. like the mc in black!
  6. The noir looks incredible, and would be a nice contrast seeing as you already have a few white pieces. Think how amazing that white Cles would look clipped into that black Agenda... :drool:
  7. I'd suggest to get the Black MC Agenda that way it can stand out beautifully from all the White MC items you have.

    You don't always have to me matchy-matchy as sometimes having a variety of different items is very stylish, in my opinion. :tup:
  8. I like the black. The colors POP on the black background, and it doesn't show dirt like the white!
  9. I prefer the blanc personally, but I agree with everyone else that if you get noir it'll definately enhance both~! Get what YOU want most~~~!
  10. I will always choose black MC because it my fave... good luck with the decision!
  11. Black! I have it, and love it.
  12. White, white's my favourite, but it may get dirty !
  13. I'm the odd one here, I like the white better. But just like Ayla said, it might get dirty.
  14. Black! I would be too afraid to use white. Plus, it's been known to have pink stains on white MC canvas due to glue. Not sure if LV fixed this problem, but it has happened before!
  15. I would go with black.