Desires of the heart?

  1. Aside from all the Hermes love we have going on here...I was wondering what other material item(s) make your heart skip a beat?
    (I thought this would give us a bit more of an idea of what we like on this forum besides fine handbags)
  2. Well, I definitely love shoes, clothes (esp. coats/jackets), watches, jewelry (although I rarely buy jewelry as I feel I have enough for now); I love my car; (you did say material things, right??!!) I think that pretty much covers it!:blink:
  3. Shoes! (Loubotin, Manolos, Ferragamo, Choo)
    Of course, jewelry!!!
    I'd love to own a classic boxy Chanel tweed jacket one day!
  4. After handbags my favourite things are jewels and shoes; but as I get older I've noticed that I'm getting more choosy, I don't fall in love as easily and I am more critical (I'm not talking about men..! although come to think of it, this goes for them aswell...!!) ;) :biggrin:
  5. Shoes and jewelry. Though I don't buy a lot of jewelry. I make some necklaces on my own with just regular stones and pearls.

    It used to be clothes too.
  6. I also feel since I'm getting a bit older (cough! cough!) I'm actually buying less of everything, albeit nicer quality! I can only wear so many pairs of shoes, so I have gone through I absolutely must love every pair I allow in my closet.....I try to purchase only a few each season and I also try to sell/part with the same number of things (i.e. purses or shoes) works pretty well! Although the purses I've bought far outweigh the cost of the purses I've been selling:blink:
  7. Aside from anything dealing with my son (love shopping for him) hands down I would have to say shoes and jewlery! Especially estate jewelry!
  8. shoes, the cough!cough! old are you? Hee hee
  9. Houses and interior design. I dream about houses all day and night long. I am constantly thinking about what would make my house better, and what my dream house would look like. Whenever I travel, I want to know what the houses are like there, and how much they cost.

    The funny thing is that I don't have a "reach" house and am not even considering one. Our house is fairly modest and has been paid off for years. Both my husband and I are fairly conservative and do far more dreaming than buying. I went back to work recently so that perhaps someday we'll get a really splendid place.

    The funny thing is, if I were advising my son, I'd probably tell him to buy a "reach" house early in life.

    Besides houses and furniture, I love fine food and wine, beautiful china, fresh flowers, and fabulous landscaping.

    PS: It'd be fun to have a thread where we just posted pictures of gorgeous non-Hermes things we loved.
  10. age 'sounds' old IMO but I don't feel it!! I'm 42 - the real issue is that I have 3 TEENS who make me nutty and feel not so cool (hence the need for a VERY nice bag LOL!) and you are?????:amuse: It does seem that many gals here are quite a bit younger and starting their collections at a nice age!
  11. Definitely agree with coco, HOMES! :love: I can't wait to find my dream home and build a shrine for all my purses :lol:
  12. Yes, Noriko! The one thing about getting gorgeous bags is that now I want an ultra-designed walk-in closet with halogen spotlights to showcase the bags!
  13. i love shoes and watches, especially mechanical watches. I found those fascinating.
  14. Now that I have my birkins, I would like a second home in Manhattan! And also a Chanel jacket.
  15. watches & gemstone rings :love: