Desired print placement?

  1. Hi girls!

    I hope it's ok I started a thread, I apologize if this was already covered. I'm a long time lurker and finally joined the forum. I live about 45 minutes from the Woodbury outlet and visit that place just a little to frequently. Today I scored a paradiso bocce and pirata scuola backpack (I sold off my cammo stuff on eBay to fund them!)

    Anyways I was looking at the bags and wondering what the desired placement is on the different prints (and what would be considered 'bad' print placement). Looking for opinions on all the prints! I know you ladies have the expertise!

    My scuola was the only one there so no idea if I got a 'good' one.
  2. Hmmmmm a good print placement is one YOU like...a bad print placement is what you DONT like lolz. It doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks as long as you like it. & I guess it depends on what characters YOU want on the front and back sides of your bags.
  3. well said Jessaka! :biggrin: I agree!
  4. yup, good print placement is only what you think you like best. imo i might like certain characters but i really don't care... as long as there isn't much cut offs I'll be okay.
  5. Exactly. Everyone has different tastes and likes different characters and placements.
  6. Couldn't agree more!

    A lot of people misunderstood when we talk about perfect print placement. Most of the time, it refers to what that person thinks it's PERFECT - not what is generally accepted as perfect. Some placements can be regarded as imperfect, for instance cut off characters. I am sure not one of us would want to have numerous cut off characters on their bags.

    I know someone here loves the Watermelon guy in the Inferno print and for that person, whenever the watermelon guy appears in front and center of the bag, that's PERFECT. To another person, that might be so IMPERFECT coz she wanted the Pink Devil Ipod Girl instead!

    Some have no preferance at all, anything goes as long as the bag looks good! And that is absolutely fine too. We don't have to be absorb with print placement to love a bag/print. Just enjoy your Tokidokis!
  7. Like everyone else says, it really depends on what YOU prefer on the bags! Some people HAVE TO have a certain character/scene on a specific part of their bags.. others may love the entire print and not really care where the characters are placed. Its different for everyone :yes:

    Hahaha if your name is Dana (which I'm assuming it is :p) Its very nice to meet you! I dont meet many "Dana's" spelled that way nowadays! (They're always with the 'y') hehe ok random comment, I know.
  8. I just want to say that I really dislike bags that cut off girls heads and bags with only LEGS and no person! haha...sorry :sad: thats kinda mean to those bags...i'm sorry bags, but i do not like you much. HAHAH.

    Thank you pinkpeony, you made sense..I was trying to say that about the perfect placement but yours made sense. I was trying to say that there isnt ONE perfect placement for each bag LMFAO...ugh i still dont make sense lol.
  9. :roflmfao: I know what you mean! Personally, if there is no character that I ABSOLUTELY need to have on my bag, I just request not having a lot of characters decapitated.. I mean, it just doesnt look right!! Poor decapitated toki characters :sad:
  10. JessakaMitz : Yeap, whenever I see the Tan Playground and Citta/Citta Rosa bags with cut off girls, I feel like screaming. Same goes with Pirata too. It's more difficult finding a complete print with those bag.
  11. "Hahaha if your name is Dana (which I'm assuming it is :p) Its very nice to meet you! I dont meet many "Dana's" spelled that way nowadays! (They're always with the 'y') hehe ok random comment, I know."

    lol Yes it's Dana! I never met any Dana's growing up so always felt like I had an uncool name. It's grown on me over the years though :smile:

    I guess what I'm asking is really what do people as individuals consider good print placement in your favorite bags, if that makes more sense.
  12. And Miss : Dana and DanaBanana, hehehe...the only Dana I know is Dana Scully, from the X Files ... :smile:
  13. Yeah, everybody has their own personal favorites. For me and the Paradiso, I have to have the little girl with the hot pink hair and Sushi Boy is super cute too. On Pirata, I don't really have a favorite for that print. Maybe the little monkeys?? And yes, I do kinda hate the cut up body parts, but Pirata is hard to get without that in at least one or two places.

    Go with what you like best. And, besides, with Tokidoki, I really don't think there are any really "bad" print placements. It's all so cute. Of course, that's just my opinion.
  14. I think my pirata scuola has a nice print placement, no girls without heads (I would have bought it anyway though, I was dying for one of these). I think the bocce in paradiso is ok, I managed to get that cute little monkey on there.
  15. You should post pics!:p