Desire Bag

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  1. Can someone please please post pictures of your desire next to a MAB or with your stuff in it. I am dying to have one but there is no way for me to see one in real life and i'm not good with visualizing the measurements in comparison to other bags. It's like my brain convinces itself that it's the right size whether it really is or not. I have searched and searched and cannot seem to find any pictures!! Thanks in advance!!
  2. +1. I'd like to know if you can fit a 3-ring binder in one. It looks too shallow on the top though.
  3. I'm going to cry!!! Please someone help us!!
  4. They have a couple on Hautelook right now, the pictures are pretty good plus they have dimensions
  5. I would post a pic but I only have the mab mini.
  6. FWIW, it definitely would not have the same capacity as a MAB, but it could still hold a good bit. I don't know if you are familiar with Bal, but it's fairly comparable in size to a City. I know there are comparison pics around here some where that lvsweetness posted. It's probably about the same size width and height wise of a MAB, but the depth is much shallower. I had one but sold it or I would post, sorry.

    Here's that thread:
  7. I bought my first ever RM Desire bag in croc embossed leather. A Bal fan and I like the look of this with a more structured look.

  8. Here's a comparison with Bal City. The city looks smaller but can hold a bit more due to the soft leather. I think the other types of soft RM desire bag might be able to hold the same volume.

  9. Comparison with Bal Velo. The Velo wins. Not sure about the dimension of the MAB but it might look the Desire would fit less. Definitely will not be able to accommodate a 3" binder. It will fit an iPad though :smile:

  10. Thanks for the photos and the feedback! The bag looks great, but alas, way too small for my needs. I hope you enjoy yours!