- do they sell authentic bags?

  1. Hello everyone I just bought a bag on-line and then found this site and I am wondering if I got a fake bag!
    Do you guys know anything about this site? Please let me I am thinking that I should cancel my order?
  2. I think you should cancel. Do a search, there is a thread that lists fake sellers. I think its in the seller watch.
  3. Need Chloe advice!! Ladies please check out the website and look at the Paddington bags. What do you think?? Authentic?? I'd appreciate any and all feedback about this website.
    Chloewhite.jpg CHOLEBLACK.jpg redchole.jpg
  4. it's bad bad bad.
  5. I have personally owned over 25 handbags by Marc Jacobs at one point. From what I can tell from the pictures, those bags are not authentic.
  6. Kahk....thanks for the info. Can you tell just by looking that these are fakes or have you had any contact with this company? They say (of course) that all of their bags are authentic and discounted due to the fact that they are not the newest season bags. I talked to a guy on the phone (which is rare) and he said I could return any bag I was unhappy with within a weeks time. Hmmmmm????
  7. I think for those prices it would be impossible to sell an authentic CHLOE?!?!?!
  8. they dont even look right. And theyre on the do not buy from list in the "seller watch" section
  9. Thanks for the advice!!!!! I'm new to 'The Purse Forum' and I'm really glad I found you guys!!
  10. Cancel!!!!
  11. this forum is very informative... and extremely addictive.

  12. I think I already welcomed you once, but hello again!

    And... nooooooooooo on that site! :sick:
  13. How can you guys tell from the pictures? They look so 'wow', lol. My eye is still untrained for these sorts of things.
  14. The Chloe paddy's look bad (and for $800) no way! The colors on the MJ's look off, and so does the leather. I would cancel.