Designers who have fun & un-conservative designs?

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  1. Reading one of these threads got me thinking about my tastes in handbags. I am definitely NOT the conservative type! I prefer bags that aren't plain and are either colorful and has some bells and whistles so to speak. I wouldn't say my tastes are loud, I do like classic timeless pieces as well, but I think even on those pieces I want them to have a bit of an edge. To sum it up, I like unique bags that are on the edgy side. Who do you guys think, out of all the designers we discuss, has the most fun, edgy, & non-conservative designs? I don't know all the great designers that are out there. I'd like to check some new ones out. THANKS!
  2. edgy and funky hmmm....I think:

    Casadei (which is not talked about much; but whoa on the designs and the price),
    Francesco Biasia,

    That's all I can think of - sometimes I just go to the website and surf their "couture" section to see what is new in the world of handbags. Of course their regular section has many mid - high designers as well.
  3. Balenciaga comes to mind because of the different colors.
  4. Balenciaga .... they come in great colors! Also, Isabella Fiore makes some edgy bags. Check out her bags on Let me know what you think.
  5. Carlos Falchi

    Isabella Fiore
  6. im looking for that type of designer as well for wallets.
  7. That makes me think of the classic LV monogram w/that crazy multicolor panda on it:

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  8. isabella fiore is definately a little different...hmmm...i think that gucci has gotten a little edgier lately with trying new prints, etc.
  9. Isabella Fiore, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, and definately D&G (although I don't appreciate all things from them). I haven't done LV in quite a while. Am looking forward to a Jimmy Choo though.