Designers' signature pieces/styles

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  1. What are, in your opinion, the signature pieces for different designers? The style pioneered by a designer that no one else has come close to doing as well, or something more classic that they've been doing so well for so long they're identified with it. If you say you want the best of X, pretty much everyone will say it's designer Y. Like Chanel tweed or Burberry trench coats.

    I'm not sure if there's already a thread like this, I did a search and didn't get much back. Thought it would be an interesting discussion :smile:
  2. Mcqueen-tattoo prints
    Cavalli-animal prints
    Pucci-an obvious one...not sure how to describe it because I always describe the look as "Pucci"
    Etro-Paisleys, ethnic colors
    There is a few!!
    • YSL - ladies pant suit (Le smoking/tuxedo styling) and safari styling
    • Chloe - Bohemian Chic
    • Valentino - Gowns (especially red)
    • Giorgio Armani - Sleek less ornamentation - American Gigolo w/ Richard Gere
    • Chanel - Boucle Jacket with Fringe
    • St. John - Knit Suits in bright colors
    • Marc Jacobs - Little Girl/Baby Doll Styling Dresses
    • Alexander McQueen - Tartan Plaid/ British Flag
    • Oscar de la Renta - Lady like elegance -Ladies who Lunch
    • Versace - sexy slinky dresses I read somewhere "...the wife wears Arman and the mistress Versace"
    • Lacroix - funky, graphic colors - I always think of Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous
    • Prada - avant garde - out of the box
    • Diane Von Furstenberg - the wrap dress