Designers & brands who offer repairs and aftercare, (HERMES, Longchamp, CHANEL, etc)

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  1. Designers & brands who offer repairs and aftercare, (HERMES, Longchamp, CHANEL, etc)

    I was wondering if people here know of any designers, brands, who offer this service.
    For example there is
    HERMES, offering to spa their expensive bags, to look like new.
    Longchamp, will fix (for free) our beat up le pliage
    Brora cashmere, keeps stock of old cashmere yarn for mending purposes.
    James Smith (umbrellas made in England will fix and refurbish old umbrellas so they can go on for ever....

    That shows a company proud of their product and ready to stand behind it. Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? I am trying to buy from reputable places who offer aftercare and repairs
  2. Great thread idea

    BARBOUR - they will repair and re-wax your old Barbour so it goes on and on. A great British institution and product.
  3. As far as I know BURBERRY offer this service for their coats.

    In my experience even if the item wasn't originally purchased from a Burberry store (from a department store for example) Burberry will repair dropped hems or cuffs, problems with the lining and replace buttons.
  4. This is not premiere designer, but a good story and experience ... my DH has a leather messenger bag he got several years ago at a Cole Haan outlet ... fast forward after years of daily use and the bag is looking pretty worn. I encouraged him to find a new one, but he couldn't find anything with the right leather, strap, pockets, etc. (once he finds something that works, he gets very stubborn about it, LOL!). So one day, we walk into the Cole Haan retail store and ask if there's anything they can do. Yeah, they say, but it will take about three weeks. Three weeks later, his bag arrives, refurbished and looking not new, but SO much better. Cost: $30! Good company!
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    Excellent - I love that sort of attention to service and it is precisely what I am talking about. It's not about just premier brands. Brora is relatively small and smith umbrellas is just a tiny, ( though very stylish! ) shop.:cool: I wish more places would offer that sort of service. It's peace of mind really....

    The manager and sales assistants have always given me excellent service including on repairs, which have been swiftly dispatched back to Italy, repaired and sent back to me.


    love that you included such a little treasure, terrific company, bought an umbrella from them years ago, and when handle split they replaced it for me.
  7. Most of the high end designers do repairs for a charge. I have used the service from Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Fendi (although they did it for free!) Ferregamo, LV, Burberry. And surprisingly Stuart Weizmann. I have a pair of red suede shoes from quite a few years ago and one of the heels was bent. The red suede is quite distinctive and the way how the heels are constructed are quite unusual so it was not possible to have it fixed by an independent cobbler. I took them to Harrods where S.W. have a section. Even though I didn't have a receipt and they didn't even recognise the style (it was quite old), they offered to sent them to Spain where their shoes were made I assume. They came back like brand new! They fixed the heel and gave them a good clean. And they included a cleaning block for suede. All free of charge! I was thrilled.
  8. My sister was able to get a refund from Coach after buying a defective bag. She used a bag she bought from one of their outlet stores 3 times, and when they couldn't get a replacement bag, they gave her a choice of a store credit or refund.
  9. I know Louis Vuitton is wonderful with repairs and services :smile:
  10. Patagonia. They are guaranteed for the life of the pieces, so sometimes they fix things (like jacket zippers) and sometimes they simply give me a new piece and recycle the old.
  11. Yes most high end designers do. And some of them will even offer some services for free to regular customers. Obviously the more expensive items are better made, but looking for more affordable quality offering this, similar to Brora and longchamp. Longchamp has excellent service in general, when I was looking for some shoes they did not have, they looked them up and two days later there they were...have you ever had any thing done by max mara?
  12. Oh I see. No I haven't used customer care from Maxmara. Stuart Weizmann is probably more mid-range I guess. They really stood by their shoes for me.
  13. What about Loro Piana and Brunello? Anyone know about their policies?
  14. Thank you. Good to know about Stuart Weizmann, will seek them out. I just bought from max mara, ( I think it was the diffusion line maxamara S? And wondering how good they are. I remember you saying thst you liked their coats. Any luck with the plume?;)
  15. Maxmara is great, I have their trench coat and down coat and they don't need mending just yet.

    No luck with the plume at this point.