Designerposse ???

  1. I just got an advertisement email in my junk folder from a place called I am assuming they are fake bags since Paddingtons are 509 and Mulberry's 467. They claim they are authentic on the About us page. Anyone heard of these guys?
  2. no, but sounds like fake stuff to me :shrugs:
  3. Probably just another fake bag site... Any website that has to spam people can't be legit.
  4. I don't know how all of you can just negate a website because you got "spammed" which may be the fault of your web browser....that being said, it's ludicrous to make judgements unless you see a purse in front of you rather than a photo. There are many people on this forum that say "authenticate this" which unless a bag is blatently horribly fake it is hard to tell by a photo......I think this is getting out of hand as well, nobody can tell for sure unless you see it for real. I am a designer bag collector and have many but of course if I can get a deal why wouldn't I go for it?? I have to tell you that I took a chance and purchased a Prada full leather bag (no Tessutto) on and it is gorgeous and YES it is authentic! I had it authenticated at Saks. They do not sell LVs on this site which is a sure sign but Prada goes go on sale at Saks and other stores unlike LV. It is a beautiful bag with buttery smooth leather that still has the yummy leather smell, all items such as the card, dustbag, etc came with it of course and I am more than pleased with it and will order again soon. The shipping was very quick and customer service was excellent. It's just ridiculous to discount a website until you find out first hand....not cool........and you are missing a good deal. It seems like people who post these responses don't think and just fly off and say fake, fake, fake.
  5. im sorry....but this website screams fake to me.......

  6. Impossible!! No one at Saks wouldn't "authenticate" a bag that wasn't sold by Saks - IF someone at the store gave an opinion, that's all it was - - an Opinion. Nowadays, fakes are so mirror image, if someone didn't know all the specifics, they could easily believe a fake was real - Whoever told you that the bag was authentic, may not know Prada very well - or maybe they're not familar w/the style. Regardless, if someone at Saks told you your bag was authentic, that doesn't mean they authenticated the bag for you. None of the major dept stores will "authenticate" a handbag for various legal reasons.

    Obviously those bags are fake - MJ's Blake was never made in the "caramel" shade they are selling - and the Daria was never made in "green" (I don't even think MJ's ever done a color just called "Green" - it's usually "Emerald Green", "Forest Green", etc.)

    Stay away!!
  7. You can think whatever you want. I'm not someone who doesn't know purses and don't tell me that it wasn't authenticated. I know the Prada salesperson at SAKs. This is what I'm taking about......this is also really's unbelieveable that you have no idea what you're talking about and PS- you don't have to buy form this site.
  8. Actually certain bags you can authenticate very easily by looking at the leather. For example, I am pretty sure the Fendi Spy in white and the Chloe paddys are fakes on this site. Anyone who owns these can tell by the smooth and uniform leather on the bags on this site that they are not authentic.
  9. :nogood:
    I wouldn't trust this site...first of all, the prices are not that good. These bags do go on sell at legit stores/websites, so I would just wait for the sells while doing more research on this site. Note their return/exchange policy: a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. :tdown:
  10. This will be my last post on this site because I realize that most of the posts are very close-minded.......I haven't even posted a picture. But I strongly beg to differ that SAKs does not authenticate Prada bags. I live in Calif...maybe it's different here because I have had several bags yes, wait for it...AUTHENTICATED. For example a friend purchased an LV Speedy at the Bev Hills LV store, went on the eBay Purse Forum to see what would happen and was told by at least 8 people such as yourselves that it was reminds me of this forum. Bottom line, I will not carry a fake purse...ever.. and if I or Saks thought it was fake I would return it in a heartbeat. I don't know about the other bags on the site but I don't think it's unusual to see Prada at cheaper prices in some places/stores because Saks just had a huge Prada sale and some of the prices were in the $300 range.................are you going to say these are fake as well? I think some of you have too much time on your hands.
  11. All I can say is 'whoa ...' This post certainly woke me up this morning.
  12. why was she getting so upset? this is a place for OPINIONS and for people to express their own individuality and their bags...

    WOW...your right kemilia that was certainly an eye-opener for this morning...
  13. There may always be an exception, and no one is claiming your particular bag is fake, no matter where you bought it. But so many people here have been scammed so many times that we all learn to proceed with caution. There are a number of unusual sites that surprisingly get the nod from people on this forum, too, so people here are not automatically biased. We shout it from the rooftops when we get authentic merchandise at at great price, no matter where it is from.

    But many people here do know their stuff and in many cases you CAN tell by a photo if an item is fake or not. Hardware can be different, the texture of the leather, the stitching and many other things can be a tip-off. If you don't trust this forum or the specific subforums, then no one can convince you otherwise. But many people here have had great experiences and been saved from awful experiences because of this forum.

    For a site we aren't familiar with, with prices too good to be true and fishy return policies, it is always better to assume it is fake and proceed with caution than to tell someone to spend hundreds and give it a shot!
  14. Cindirella16 only made posts in this thread which is quite old. It was started May 2! I wouldn't be surprised if she is somehow affiliated with