Ellie Mae

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May 24, 2008
I am new to this blog and have been really hard to get an authentic gucci purse online. Do you know if the website: sell authentic handbags?
If you will click SEARCH TPF above, and do a search using as KEYWORD, you will find MANY threads about this website.

The answer is NO.


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Dec 21, 2009
I placed an order for a prada wallet over a week ago, THEY CHARGED MY CARD next day, but I have not heard anything about the order. I tried calling them with zero answer or return call, LIVE CHAT with answer my order was processed, AHHH YES MY CARD WAS CHARGED!- and no other answer after that. So I notified my bank and they are filing a dispute and Im receiving a check for the amount they charged me.

First time this has happened to me, BUT I WILL BE MORE CAREFUL next time i place orders online with unknown companies.

Hope this helps!


May 1, 2009
Long Island
So I send them an email asking for authenticity, and got this reply.


Thank you for contacting Designer Outlet Boutique.

Every single product that is posted on the website is 100% authentic
and comes with authenticity paperwork from the manufacturer.

Our first-time customers are a little hesitant, at first, because of
our lower prices. The reasons for the discounted prices are: (1) we
work closely with reputable resellers and buy in bulk items that are
discontinued or overstocked, and (2) we do not need to mark up our
prices that high since we keep a lower overhead than department stores
or boutiques.

Please review our section on our website about the authenticity of our products.

Buy with confidence; we have thousands of satisfied customers.

We also guarantee your satisfaction, so if for any reason you are not
satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a refund or

The funny this is about us link is broken, therez no tab for about us on their site.

I'd stay away from them...