& shipping to Europe

  1. :cursing: I can´t believe it. I just received an email from designerexposure that my handbag i purchased 2 weeks ago hasn´t been shipped yet.
    I wrote back and said i hope receive it next week (in 21 days as web site promises ) or i want my money back.
    It is a green tote only for summer....:crybaby:

    Has anyone ever purchased on ??
  2. I purchased a Hogan bag and a pair of jeans from them back in March and it took them one month to get the items to me. The bag was perfect (i use it as my school bag) but they failed to inform me that they didn't ship the jeans because they sold them accidently at a sale. They offered me store credit, not my money back.

    BUT, I recently purchased a sweater (using my store credit) from their site and it took them one week for me to get. So... I guess it depends on what is going on at their store. Call their number (its a 212 number) and keep up on them.

    Also check to see how they charged your credit card. My first experience they overcharged me (currency converter garbage) and the second time they charged my twice!

    Hope you get your bag soon. :yes:
  3. Thank you very much for your answer.
    The thing is that my english is not good enough to call them.If not i have called them when i purchased my handbag because i didn´t get any email.

    Yes,thank you i hope to get my handbag soon.
    I will think twice before purchasing again on