DesignerElla's Lovers ERRR BAGS!

  1. To start, I'll post my current Coaches that I'm keeping [Clockwise: Legacy Satchel in Khaki Sig/Ebony, Hamptons Stripe Signature Wallet in Khaki, Legacy Cotton Signature Tote, Soho Large Satchel in Bordeaux Leather, Classic Signature Flap in Khaki Sig with Grass Trim, Chelsea Boucle' Demi, Hamptons Stripe Book Tote in black] [Their names: Ebene, YTBN* (haven't started naming wallets, should I?), YTBN, Bridget, CC, Chelsea, Isabelle (my bff named her!)]

    my LVs (I probably will sell the Alma, because she is all knocked up), Alma, Speedy 25 and cles. Named Alma and 25 (I just turned 25).

    A single of my very first Coach/nice bag [named CC]

    My 2ndish Coach, Chelsea Boucle' Demi

    And my first Coach wristlet, a wool houndstooth cutie.

    * YTBN = Yet to be named
    My-Coaches-2006-12.jpg My-Louis-Vuittons-2006-12.jpg coach_CC.jpg COACH_Boucle_Demi.jpg COACH_Houndstooth_wristlet.jpg
  2. Your bags are all GORGEOUS!!!:love: How do you decide what to use each day! The Coach bags look awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. dont sell your poor alma..give it to the poor, like me (J/K!LOL!)...BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION!
  4. That coach wristlet is soooo adorable!! :love:
  5. Nice patina on the Alma!!!
  6. Love your coach bags! Don't give it away! Keep the Alma, it is sooo pretty!
  7. Beautiful collection! Congrats!:yes:
  8. you have a cute collection.. thanks for sharing with us..
  9. Ahh my post is up with lots of responses. Thanks!

    Well, since you all love my Alma - he he thanks - I'll have to show a photo of her with her spots. They bug me. She came with an ink mark that was a lot worse than expected, then I let my mum carry her and she got more marks. Arrrggghhh.

    I did choose her for her patina - noo water marks. Argh. Maybe a water spot on the bottom would be better? :girlsigh:

    So then I'd sell her, and in the near future want to buy a new (to me) one... and I'd end up paying more than the 1st time and way more than I could sell for .... Yeah, I need to think more.

    Anyway, I'm far from done with my collection, too! (On the bright side.)
    Alma_Mark-side.jpg Alma_Marks.jpg
  10. Oh I often carry my latest, newest love. I often choose on how I want to impress. Always go with what I'm wearing, but usually I just tailor my outfit to which bag I wanna carry!! ;););) Brown, black, etc.

    I have a Dooney All-Weather Leather that I bring out in the rain. Then there are summer bags. It's so much fun wearing my bags! Haha.

    The smaller bags I only keep because they're the ones (out of my small bags) I love and can't part with, and I plan on using them just for dates.

    And then I choose based on how much stuff I need, but my bags are all large now. ;);)

    And then I choose based on if I want my bag over my shoulder. :smile:

    And sometimes I don't want to look like I have expensive purses, so I carry a wristlet or an understated bag.

    I need to post so many more pictures!!

    Here are my Guccis, but I might want to sell them. I don't terribly want to, but I need to fund the Large Wave Boston Satchel ... and it's going to be EXPENSIVE even if I find an authentic one on eBay, even if it's USED! Ah!

    I especially like the vintage, because it's a classic style, moreso than modern Guccis. More me, maybe. But it's a tad small for me, oh I wish it were Speedy size.

    And the Hobo is great, I love the size, it was really trendy last Spring, but I'm not sure it's ME. (Besides, it's popular and widespread as a fake. Then again, it's nice that I have auth, and it came from

    Maybe since selling them won't cover the new, I should think of some other goal for getting the Boston...

    Oh yes and the Guccis are: Medium Chain Hobo, "Ryder" and Vintage Doctor Satchel, "G Love"
    gucci_chain-hobo_Rider.jpg vintage_gucci_GLove.jpg
  11. Great collection! You're on the eBay boards too aren't you?? :biggrin:
  12. Great collection! The Gucci Vintage Doctor is fab. Thanks for sharing!
  13. awesome collection, love the gucci
  14. yah-es :smile: I need to go there more again. I get sidetracked, lol.

    And thanks.

    Okay, so I don't have photos of everything yet, so here are my two latest (and most impressive to me):

    Chloe' Paddington in Chocolate named Paddy.

    Marc Jacobs Amanda named Oscar.
    Paddy_all.jpg Paddy002.jpg Marc-Jacobs-Amanda_MJ-Dream-Oscar2.jpg Marc-Jacobs-Amanda_MJ-Dream-Oscar.jpg
  15. Don´t sell the alma. Old alma´s don´t go for much and you might as well use that beauty. Cute collection!