Designer wear that is "100% Auth"?

  1. 100% Auth. :roflmfao: You see this term used everywhere on eBay. What does it mean? Is it suppose to imply authentic? Probably. Even when sellers have plenty of characters left in the title, they use the abbreviation. If it's authentic, why not just say so? I've seen 100% auth in the description section as well - there's plenty of space there to say authentic. Do they think that if they say it's authentic (when it's not) then they are delibrately lying? But if they say it's auth...then they are not admitting either way and hope some poor fool will think it's authentic?

    I don't know about anyone else, but I stay well clear of "100% Auth" auctions.
  2. putting 100% Auth in your auction doesn't mean it's neccessarily fake or sketchy :confused1: it's merely an abbreviation....some people don't see the need to spell out authentic when most people know what auth means. it doesn't hurt your listing because people don't usually search 100% authentic ________, they just search the item itself and 100% auth is just added information.

    For example, some people will search LV and some will search Louis Vuitton. Whereas most people don't search 100% authenticate louis vuitton because they know it doesn't really mean anything.
  3. It's just an abbreviation. I don't take away from the auction for that.
  4. i think i know what you're getting at...
    like, if they abbreviate it, are they getting around some rule of claiming authentic (but, not really) and selling fake?
    i've thought about that, too. but not enough to take away from 100% auth auction. (i have noticed, however, a trend in 100% real or genuine auctions, which seems odd to me for a handbag...)
  5. Maybe they don't know how to spell authentic ... some of the spelling and grammatical errors I see on eBay are just atrocious!
  6. You're limited to a certain number of characters, so sometimes you have to use abbreviations.
  7. but she's referring to the times when there is obviously space for additional characters...
  8. Yep, that's exactly what I meant. See the following as an example. It looks like the seller filled up the title, but in the listing description...she also uses the term 100% auth... It's fake. So I think some sellers are using this term to deliberately mislead their customers.

    eBay: 100% Auth Brown Chloe Paddington Whiskey bag (item 230048124862 end time Nov-11-06 06:57:00 PST)

    Then again there are other sellers who have no problems lying. There are so many "authentic *chloe*" bags selling for less than $100.
  9. So, now I'm concerned. I just bought & paid for an "authentic" Kooba Paige bag on ebay. It didn't say 100% just "authentic."

    Does anyone know what I should be looking for to ensure the Kooba is 100% authentic? Has anyone had a problem with this before? I paid $390.00

    Help!!! Thanks in advance for your response!
  10. Oops - sorry!
  11. I am amazed-it has never occured to me that by not spelling out authentic perhaps someone thinks that this is a trapdoor, an "out" so to speak. An abbreviation stands for the complete word-Ave stands for avenue, etc, so an "auth" seller is saying, for better or worse, that their item is authentic. I will be interested to see what happens here! Good luck.