Designer watches online? (Longines Dolce Vita)

  1. Hi girls, I hope this is the right forum to post this :smile:

    I am hoping to buy a Longines Dolce Vita online, but not sure if this site is authentic. The site is almost too good to be true, but they have more than 6000+ positive feedback on eBay so not sure :sad:

    Hopefully someone on here has dealt with them before? Your help would be much appreciated!

    This is the watch I was after:
  2. anyone? :sad:
  3. I don't have a direct answer to your question since I have never bought a watch from an eBay dealer. However, I wonder what the discount is on the watch. If it is not too substantial you can consider going to a Longines authorized dealer and ask for a discount when buying the watch. I bought the automatic Evidenza with a 20% discount from Tourneau in New York.

    I would hesitate to buy a watch online from an unauthorized dealer since you will not receive a manufacturer's warrantee. However many people have done so before with satisfaction.

    I hope someone can give you a better answer to your question and good luck. The watch is a beauty.

  4. I tried on a very similar watch over break, it's gorgeous on! I ended up with an ebel beluga tonneau but loved the longines!
  5. you know what they say...when things are too good to be true...ya gotta be careful! i have a dolce vita too that i got for half price in the downtown la jewerly district. the one you posted looks similiar to what i wanted.. a pink face. this is what i ended up getting:

  6. sorry for the huge picture. i had no idea it was going to be that big. and yes, i know that it's authentic even though it was cheap cuz i knew the store ownder. :smile:
  7. thanks for your reply girlies! i have decided to against buying it online for now, as unlike handbags, i'm not very knowledgeable!

    will try my luck haggling in store :smile:

    thanks girls.