Designer vs "Cheap"

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  1. Does anyone have a mix of designer and cheap bags? Or...would you ever buy a "Handmade" bag? I ask this because I am..what I like to call a handbag designer, and I floss my handmade creations and I use my designer bags too. Im not trying to sell anybody anything. Just a question I've been trying to get answered for a while now:confused1: . Be honest...please lol.
  2. i do! :yahoo:
    i mix my designers with really really cheap vintage bags that only costs like 5-20$!
    but i don't buy middle priced bag because the quality won't fill my expectation for like 100$ i have to spend!
  3. I've got a few cheap bags I've picked up at trendy stores around Boston, I tend to use them for a week or two and then go back to my LV's or Gucci. It's just hard to beat the quality of materials and construction that these fashion houses have developed over many, many years. However, I also have a ton of Vera Bradley duffle bags that I use for the gym or weekend travel all the time. For me it really depends on the look of a bag, if it looks or feels cheap, it won't work for me.
  4. Yes! Though my collection is mostly designer, I have a few "cheapies" mixed in, too. I buy what I like, and sometimes I find really cute inexpensive bags.
  5. I have a wide range of interest in bags. I seldom purely go for one brand, however famous the brand is. (It's true that for some brands I love their overall style, but I never simply take whatever they offer and think them good.) It's the design and quality that hits me, and as long as I decide the price is worth what I get, I buy it and use it happily. Sometimes I'm just in the mood of dressing casually or for fun. Expensive or not, the bag has to go with my mood at the moment I carry it. :smile:
  6. what do you consider cheap? like $10 bags? i do have one that's like $30 that i used when i was on a cruise. but other than that, i don't have any. if i do, it would be for vacations so i don't get my more expensive bags ruined.
  7. "cheap" to me is about $20.00 all the way up to 40-$50.00. I know I have a few hobo bags that are very classy looking and only cost me $25.00. But I love them. Thanks for the input so far!!:yes:
  8. If I see a bag I like I buy it regardless of whether it is £2 or £200, the cheapest one in my collection is a sea green clutch with a metal rod handle which cost £2 but which I love. and don't mind slinging it around as it was so cheap!

    Am yet to buy a high end designer bag but have started my 'ladies nice things' bank account to save up, however just purchased a new tote for college from topshop for £75 which will keep me going until I can afford more!
    topshop xl tote.jpg
  9. Yall are so helpful! I LOVE this site! lol
    And to Stevie Lover...That tote is too cute! I love it!
  10. My cheapest bag right now cost $8. It is a Tara Jarmon bag I bought at Target with purple and orange stripe made out of wicker. I also love my free bag from Anna Sui with cosmetics purchase.
  11. I have Coach, Lucky, Dooney, Oxus, Charles David, Kooba, MJ AND I love my cheap...Guess! I love the look of it; although Guess rarely makes bags w/ real leather.

    My fave is my MJ, my Coaches are runners-up and would be tied for first if they were bigger!
  12. Love hand-made bags, the cheaper the better :smile: Depending on quality of course.

    PS I don't own any designer bag.
  13. Well, I love bags, and over the years I have amassed a very diverse collection, so I guess the short answer to your first question is "yes." ;)

    My favorites are actually handmade bags, basically hand-embroidered works of art from faraway lands.
  14. I do have cheap bags for bad weather. I just can't bear to take expensive bags out in the rain and slush. I also have one handmade bag because it was so cute I couldn't pass it up. So: bottom line- I would buy a handmade bag and I do have some cheap bags ($25-$35).
  15. I like my mix of inexpensive and expensive bags. I have LV, Prada, MJ (which I am selling to pay for my new Damier speedy, but I never used this one anyway), and Coach, but I like to carry inexpensive ones when the weather's not so great or for traveling, as well. Some (not cheap, but) less expensive brands that I LOVE are Kenneth Cole Reaction- awesome leather! and Perlina makes nice leather bags, too. I have some cute hobos that are great everyday bags. I got the best Kenneth Cole black leather hobo on Clearance at Marshall's for $22, down from over $100! The leather is the softest leather and the bag looks great with anything!:smile: