Designer Virgin No More - Just got a Goyard Croisiere


Oct 6, 2007
Hello bag lovers everywhere!

Can I do this on this forum? This stands as both an intro and a sharing of my new acquisition :smile:

I'm a 36 yo mom from the Philippines and I've recently acquired my first luxe designer bag, albeit preloved.

I've fallen in love with my white Goyard Croisiere 35 and I'm planning to stick to this line for a while.

Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?), the more I hang around TPF, the more addicted I get. Good thing I'm the type to use a bag or wallet till it begs to retire! Well, I'll prolly not work my Croisiere to death but it should last me a few seasons, right?

Anyhow, I'm ecstatic to meet so many like-minded bag fiends! See you all on the forums!


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Mar 15, 2007
I can see why you were smitten with this bag - so lovely, stylish and elegant.....AND practical since your are in the Philippines and can use it year-round!
Now, let's see how resolved you can be at NOT buying another bag since this Forum is notorious at enabling our bag obsessions!
Again...enjoy your new beauty and welcome.