Designer Vault?

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  1. Has anyone ever sold their Chanel handbag to Designer Vault in a buyout? If so, did the transaction go smoothly? I know very little about DV and wanted to make sure it was legit before I send anything through the mail. TIA

  2. Hi Sheri -

    Yes they are legit. They are listed under the BBB as well.
  3. I love shopping at The Designer Vault! They have a wonderful selection of Chanel handbags at very good prices and their customer service is outstanding! Would highly recommend this shopping site as a MUST- I check it out everyday!
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  4. I have sold so Yoogis, Fashionphile and Designer Vault. I had the worst experience with DV and will not recommend them to anyone.
  5. Oh man I wish I had read this before sending them my bag. I had purchased an old medium so black from Bergdorfs and thought selling it to DV would be quicker than sending back to BG. They think the bag is fake!? What a joke lol it definitely makes me wonder are the bags on their website authentic and am I getting my own bag back. I should've just returned to BG ugh
  6. I have bought and sold a few bags with Designer Vault and found them to be professional and very knowledgeable.
  7. That's nice. Every person does not receive the same customer service. I was truly disappointed because I was planning to sell other Chanel as well, but if they think my item from BG is fake then my Saks items will be too.
  8. Hi there! Unfortunately with so many super fakes we have to be ultra cautious when bringing in brand new product. I understand what you're saying and we did offer $4700 for the bag however, we were unable to verify authenticity and have sent it back at no cost to you. Again, I'm very sorry this was not a smooth process for you but rest assured all of our bags on our site are authentic and I would be happy to offer you a free consignment on your next item where you would earn 100% commission as an apology on Designer Vaults behalf. Again, I'm truly sorry!
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  9. Thank you so much that's extremely gracious of you!

    Once I receive my bag and sort through dealing with Bergdorfs potentially selling me a super fake I will definitely be in touch about my other items. Thank you again!
  10. I had sold my few Chanel bag and wallet to Yoogis, found them great and professional
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  11. I just used designer vault (Christina is the owner) for authentication of my recent chanel purchase and she was great. Really responsive and is able to authenticate with pictures (she'll ask for photos of specific things). check out the designer vault website for more information..
  12. Just curious because now I'm a little nervous since I have a Boy bag on order with BG what made them think it was a fake? Did they not give you a receipt and box and everything?
  13. No need to be nervous BGs name speaks for itself. Yes they give you everything receipt and box hope everything went well.
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  14. I actually found one at NM Walnut Creek in CA before BG contacted me so I ended up purchasing from then and then literally 3 days later BG calls me lol I wasn't expecting a call that soon!
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