Designer Trainers - want to share?

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  1. Although in our climate it’s either summer flip flops or winter flip flops, I cannot stop buying new trainers always looking for new inspiration
    Anyone wants to share their favourites?
    I can start
    These Guccis are soft and comfortable. But the brand is too popular with the local crowd and I’m regretting (a little) buying this loud logo. Good for travelling though

    Good old Chanels. I’m not sure why I bought the gold trainers, perhaps because the SA mentioned it was the last pair

    LV Archlight. Daddy Sneakers Extreme.
    Receive lots of jokes from my husband and stares in the street.
    IMG_1277.jpg IMG_1278.jpg

    Balenciaga sock trainers. Very comfortable. Look massive but somehow make my feet look smaller.
    Cons: show my bunions and the top edge is quite rough and may rub
    IMG_1281.jpg IMG_1282.jpg

    The Row. Very light and even elegant (as trainers can be). Look nice with anything, from jeans to dresses
    IMG_1275.jpg IMG_1276.jpg

    And my favourites of the day
    N21 Billy Sneakers. One of those “if you know you know”. Very light in spite of their massive look. Comfortable. And very discreet, no loud logos but recognisable by those in the know
    IMG_1271.jpg IMG_1270.jpg
  2. Next on my wish list are these LV Frontrows

    Anybody else?
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    How does the LV Archlight wear? The heel goes back so far! I have wondered if walking required adjustment or awareness without tripping. They look really cool! Loving those gold Chanels! Fun collection, thank you for sharing!
  4. Honestly, I cannot say that I wear the Archlights so much. 2-3 times maybe. They are not too heavy (not like Triple S). Walking is ok but you wouldn’t want to take them with you on a trip - with their size they would take up half of your suitcase :smile: And they’re definitely not for a shy person - they attract SO much attention
    The good thing is that there is no loud logo. Because with the current logo mania, it’s easy to look ridiculous covered in logos from head to toes.
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  5. Just got these Burberry.
  6. i am thinking of Bal socks, this season they are made with neon inserts in the soles, some look really cool, but the endless heel/back is putting me off, my foot is already too long (for my height at least) but now as you say they make your feet look smaller you got me thinking harder :confused1:
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  7. I recently bought this Saint Laurent canvas high tops and am in love:
    Saw some Chloe ones I like and would also like some Isabel Marant and Golden Goose ones.

    Loving your LV and N21 ones, so cool!
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  8. Can you show the photos? Never saw it just never noticed
  9. I also like these leather Roger Vivier. Completely sold out on Mytheresa. And the price of over €1 k for a pair of shoes that I wear twice a year... I don’t know
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  11. :biggrin: :biggrin:
    p.s. last weekend i was in H, just behind Bal in DM, and popped into Bal to say 'hi', they had full house, literally, poor SAs were running like mad back and forth with boxes in their hands, A LOT of customers were trying on various footwear...
    they didn't have the bag i wanted to check, but my SA told me they are getting out of Al Tayer group and will be Bal under Bal license, and hopefully will be getting more stuff, and (thank you, Bal Gods!!) more bags with silver HW :yahoo:
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  12. Well, you know, it’s not just tourists. We can see more diversity in the locals’ taste. Not just H/Ch/D/G, we can see more and more Bals with abayas. Of course, nothing can beat Gucci... we were flying recently and saw a local family at the airport who looked like Gucci had spewed on them, even the baby had a tiny crossbody Gucci.
    Anyway, back to the topic . I have teenage daughters and for them I bought these:

    And Vetements
    The older one also wants these
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  13. have they opened?
    last week the place was still closed with "opening soon" banner