designer sunglasses for very small face?

  1. I have been trying to find some designer glasses that look good on a really small face. Everything I try on looks just huge on me. I like the big glasses look, but do you guys know of any that are on the smaller size? Or which designers might make smaller glasses? I'd love to know the designer and style number if you have experience in this area...Or what ever you can tell me.

    I have an oval shaped face so I can wear pretty much any style, it just needs to be a smaller version!

    Thanks so much!
  2. hi sparky! i have a small face too. i really like the rayban aviators in the smallest size. have you tried the marc by marc jacobs line? they have a range of different sizes and are pretty inexpensive. good luck!:heart::tup:
  3. I know it can be very hard to find a pair of sunglasses that look good on a very small face. I was always searching for a pair and I like the oversized frame look but on me they just looked way too big. I really wanted a pair of Chanel sunnies and the the summer before last I finally found a pair that dont look way too large but still have the oversized look. Th trick is to try a whole bunch on and see what works. Go to several sunglasse stores and just try as many on as it takes. You should eventually find a perfect pair that way! good luck!
  4. Unfortunately there are no stores near me that sell the designer look I want! I'm in AL and all you can find around here are Ray Bans and Oakleys... or whatever Sunglass Hut has. It's very small though, so not much luck there either. What Chanel's did you end up with?
  5. I have a small face and wear Chanel's, here's my collection and one icky photo of me in one of them:
    IMG_2080.jpg IMG_1376.jpg DSCF2514.jpg DSCF1859.jpg IMG_1393.jpg
  6. Those look good on you! Which style are you wearing? Of the 3 pics, which are the smallest width-wise? When I try on glasses my main issue is they stick out too far on the sides of my face! :hrmm:
  7. I'm wearing the 1st pair in that photo, w/ the leather quilted sides.
    My mother of pearls probably fit tightest - least wide.
  8. I also have a very small face and have trouble finding glasses that fit. My favorites are the Oliver Peoples Phoebe style. They fit me perfectly. I got them at Barneys, but they are available on the Oliver Peoples website in a number of colors.
  9. you look great in ur sunnies.. may i know the model number for the glasses. thx
  10. Nice eyeglasses, especially the 4th one...
  11. I have the exact same problem! I hate it. They are always too wide and look ridiculous.
    If you like Ray Ban, they have a "junior" collection that has many of the same styles except for smaller faces.
  12. Oliver Peoples Aric (love these sunnies and I have a very narrow face) Very stylish and head turning