Designer Sunglasses for $34.99

  1. Great deals but does anyone know why they're so inexpensive? Extremely low prices always makes me wary of the merchandise.
  2. Makes me wary too, but I did notice they say they are sold directly from Amazon. I didn't care for any of the styles well enough to risk it.
  3. I asked this in the General Purse forum and people said not to trust it. I find it impossible to believe that expensive sunglasses like those can be marked down so much.
  4. It's Amazon, so I feel better, but it seems too good to be true. You usually get what you pay for!
  5. I've seen designer sunnies this cheap at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Off 5th, so I think it's believable. It's only a small selection - probably the overruns from previous seasons.
  6. they did this earlier this year with burberry sunglasses...i ordered some back then & they were authentic.
  7. Amazon is legit. It is their marketplace sellers you have to watch out for. Even so, their guarantee covers you completely. I ordered a Burberry bathing suit through a bad seller and it turned out to be fake. Amazon gave me a full refund when the seller wouldn't cooperate.

    The reason these sunglasses are so cheap is that they are old styles and Amazon buys them in large quantities.