Designer Sunglasses at C-Mart (DC/Baltimore area)

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm not sure if you all are familiar with C-Mart but they are like a Gabriel Brothers/Marshall's type place (althought they look a little seedier sometimes) but they get in designer stuff (they have a designer purse event once a year that people around here line up around the block for). Anyway, they are getting in designer sunglasses tomorrow (I believe at both locations) at 55% off. Here is the link for what they have : I think that's the line-up for the Joppa/Balt location. Here's the link in general for the store

    Have a good day!
  2. just got the email! I sooo wanna go but I have work and no time to drive out there....booo.
  3. :sad: I work right near Joppa so I'm gonna go look at lunch. I got a pair of YSL there in Dec so I may pick up a Juicy pair that I've been eying!
  4. Lucky you! I'm so jealous haha. Yea, my sis got a pair of YSL and Marc Jacobs back in February at the Washington opening...such great prices!!
  5. The Diors and Guccis are yummy, so tempted but it's such a haul for me to get to those 2 locations... sigh :push: