Designer stuff

Mar 13, 2006
Do you wear/use designer everything? If not, what designer stuff do you wear/use?

For example, I LOVE designer bags and after buying the last two, I can't imagine going back to cheap purses! So, designer bags for me!!!

Also, I prefer designer jeans to non-designer. I love my 7s and my Citizens of Humanity! I think their fit is AMAZING and I can't stop wearing them!

And, finally, I wear department store makeup only (most of it from well-known designers...sounds odd to call my make-up "designer make-up"). I know that cheaper brands are also good but I've tried SOOOO many different drug-store brands and almost none of them worked for me! I love Dior (foundation primer), Chanel (lipsticks and lipglosses), Nars (blush), Estee Lauder (foundation & mascara), and Bobbi Brown (their gel eyeliner is fantastic!).

I don't believe in designer shoes because I take life out of my shoes. I REALLY wear them. And I don't buy designer clothes (except jeans) because sometimes I wear something a few times and it's done and over with. I prefer to save some money for a new bag...:P


Dec 8, 2005
i wouldn't say i exclusively wear desinger everything. but i do have designer things that fall into every category. honestly, i just buy what i like. i tend to have higher end taste, so a lot of the time what i buy ends up being designer.


Jan 18, 2006
I definitely have a mix of everything and have my fair share of clothing from the Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, etc. Although I am a bit of a designer shoe hog- but those range as well from Jimmy Choo, Manolo to Donald Pliner, Stuart Weitzman, and Via Spiga (which is not high-end).


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
i love to admire designer things (i am a fashion mag addict!) but rarely get the guts to purchase. :amuse:

clothes are a no brainer...i fluctuate in weight too much to justify having a closet full of beautiful $$$ clothes. i am usually on the upper end of the sizing cut off anyway. i buy quality shoes but not really designer and *always* for comfort. i basically live in danskos. the few designer shoes i have LOVED and tried on intending to buy were so uncomfy and impratical for my lifestyle that i couldn't do it. besides i have this weird thing about shoes...i can't see spending a few hundred dollars on something that touches the yucky ground all day long. :P

i lose sunglasses, so that's out. i wanted designer eye glasses because i wear those every day and insurance would pay for it. it's basically getting designer stuff for free! but alas, the nine west glasses looked 100x better than the fendi and chanel ones. i'm thinking about investing in prescription sun glasses though. it's getting to the point where i really can't see without my glasses, even for short periods of time. maybe i can get the chanels after all. :biggrin:

i don't even really purchase designer bags...just drool and dream. omg i'm so cheap! :lol: :lol: :lol:

i do buy expensive makeup and fragrance. i've found that department store and boutique brands just have better formulas and pigmentation for the most part. besides, makeup always fits. :P i love bobbi brown, laura mercier and chanel (spark glossimer is amazing!!). guelerain fragrances are a little expensive comparitively but soooo worth it.


Jan 9, 2006
Nah...I have a mix. A little bit of everything, even if I find a lower end purse that I think is cute I'll get it just for fun. If I like it, I buy it, for the most part. Shoes are probably the one part of my wardrobe that I don't ever spend a lot on, I can rarely rationalize it for some reason.


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
when i buy makeup or frangrance, it's usually designer, but my clothes are just regular. lol, i'm in college, i don't have the money or the occassion for a designer wardrobe - but that's ok, more money for bags!
I splurge on designer bags, but my clothes have to fit good, and are usually from the mall. My bag looks so great, it makes whatever I'm wearing look more expensive!! I have sensitive skin, I wear Arbonne stuff, it does well with my skin.


Mar 1, 2006
I get whatever I can afford and like at the time. I get both drugstore and dept store makeup, but I'm pretty convinced it's all the same. I get more compliments on my skin and lipstick when it's drugstore, and I've been disappointed by high-end makeup! I'm not brand loyal at all and rarely buy the same thing twice.

Clothing & shoes are iffy...I'm not tall or built like a model so i feel like designer clothes don't fit well on me. I stick to sketchers, steve madden, express, h&m, & random no name items.

I wholeheartedly agree about designer jeans fitting better even if I have to have them hemmed.