Designer Stores & ATL

  1. Hi! Do you think that a Chanel or Dior or La Perla boutique will ever open up in Atlanta? I really wish they would!:sad:
  2. i doubt chanel would ever open up their own boutique here. i think they'd stay more successful with nm or Saks. but i'm not sure.
    but there are two places to get your chanel fix, should you need it.

    and i'm not sure about dior or la perla...but i have the feeling if it's not at phipp's right now, we're not gonna get it.
  3. I've been to both of the chanel in-store boutiques at Saks & Neimans but I heard that the free standing Chanel boutiques have a much better selection. I wish Atlanta would get a Dior boutique! That itty bitty space inside of Saks is just not cutting it, lol!
  4. hmm. i'm not a dior fan, so the space in saks is just fine to me.
    a chanel boutique would be nice...but can't either nm or saks order things for you if they don't have it?
  5. The Chanel at Saks in Phibbs is nice store. The SAs there were really helpful. I also thought the ones at Dior were nice too. Both were able to track down the bags I wanted.
  6. Oh yes the Dior girl was very helpful to me last time I went to Atlanta even though I didn't purchase anything from her. :yes: Thanks god for friendly SAs!