Designer Sneakers to Make You Taller!!

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  1. Hey guys. As a short girl I am obsessed with making sure my shoes have enough height. That being said the new sneaker trends are looking great for me, however there is one problem....I want to choose a sneaker with the tallest height, but the online measurements are not consistent!! For example, different websites have claimed the Gucci Rhyton to be 5cm,4.5cm,and 6cm.
    I wanted to see if anybody knew which sneakers are the tallest or have any additional recommendations :smile:

    The ones I am trying to decide between are:
    1. Gucci Rhyton
    2. Balenciaga Triple S
    3. Alexander McQueen classic sneakers
    4. Roger Viver ‘Viv Skate’

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  2. Bs are the the tallest but also the heaviest, McQs are quite heavy and not very comfy to me. Out of these, Rhytons are the most comfortable.
    Have you tried the new platform Aces?

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  3. Gucci one is looking great!
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  4. isabel marant wedge sneakers
  5. I have these Gucci ones and yes they make me taller and they are so comfortable! Love them!
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