Designer Slammed For Using 10 -Year- Old Girl To Model Skimpy Bikini

  1. Tasteless use of 10-year-old girl to model skimpy bikini

    20th October 2006

    A celebrity bikini designer was under fire for parading a young girl down the catwalk with near-naked models during a sell-out show at the Los Angeles Fashion Week.

    Critics were shocked at the sight of the schoolgirl in a bikini alongside older scandily-clad models.

    "She can only have been about ten," said one member of the audience. "It was very inappropriate."

    The stunt was part of a show by designer Ashley Paige, famous for her knitted and crocheted bikinis and for the sexy swimwear favoured by stars including Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Carmen Electra.

    It is not unheard of for young models to be used during the fashion week when top designers show off their new lines in LA, but not on a catwalk surrounded by almost topless women - some with just flower motifs covering their nipples.

    Conservative family campaigner Jean Terry said designers need to be more aware of the message they are sending out by using young children on the catwalks.

    "Nearly naked models are not the kind of role models we want for our children," she said, "and young girls should certainly not be used to promote a promiscuous image.

    "Designers like to be controversial, but they should think very carefully about the message they are sending out by using young models."
    Ashley Paige was the main event of Thursday’s shows at LA’s Smashbox Studio at the Mercedes-Benz sponsored fashion week.

    The Hollywood-based designer has said: "I think the women who like my stuff...exude sexuality."

    She started the trend for knit bikinis and even came up with a method of keeping them waterproof.

  2. Hmmm...My little cousins have worn bikinis about that small - but usually just around the house during the summer...not out in public. It's not like she's a budding teenager or sexy in any way.

    However, for prudence sake, it's inappropriate. Any creep or pedophile is going to love seeing that photo.

    And it does look a little small...what is the point of putting a little girl in a 'sexy' bikini? Why? She's not sexy...she's a little girl. She should be in a one piece or at the very least a tankini.
  3. At least her belly button isn't pierced yet :P
  4. Totally agree with Casto .. kids should wear them in the privacy of their own home.. Kids should be kids, society already puts so much pressure on kids to grow up fast..
  5. It's gross to take advantage of a little girl. One has to wonder who her parents are to let this happen but then again the designer probably knew that a lot of publicity would go her way, even if it was negative she played it for all she could get. The bathing suit doesn't even fit the little girl.
  6. Um, it is not appropriate... especially at a runway!
  7. yikes. im not sure how to classify this.
  8. Everything that should be covered is... I am not condoning the use of a child to sell sexuality but I do not think that was the purpose of the child walking down the runway. I think people see what they want to see. When I looked at the photo, I did not think it was at all provacative.
  9. The bottom on that bikini rides way too low to be appropriate for a small girl to wear. I had a couple of bikinis when I was a kid that I wore in our backyard pool, and the bottom was at level with my navel.
  10. Wayyy to skimpy. Not appropriate.
  11. The problem is....most people do not see anything provocative about a child...but the photos will fall into the hands of the sickos that do. By using her as model in an inappropiate suit the designer and her parents are exposing her to inappropriate attention.
  12. I find it horribly inappropriate, regardless of how it was intended. Little girls are getting more and more pressure to look/dress a certain way and it's starting at younger and younger ages as time goes on. It's becoming ridiculous. I mean, come on, a 10 year old in a bikini(a tiny bikini at that!) on a runway surrounded by nearly-naked adult models? Just shouldn't be happening.
  13. Way too skimpy and inappropriate for a child. I mean, look at the bottom half of it. One little slip and her vagina is out there for the whole world to see. I don't think her chest is that much of a big deal, since she's still a young girl...but still.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with little girls wearing bikinis, but this one is just tasteless and tacky.
  14. If I was the designer and really wanted to use a child model, I would have designed a swim suit instead of a bikini. I think the designer is just trying to be controversial but its really sick that this would feed pedo's.
  15. If the bikini bottoms had finished nearer to the level of her tan line (where her own bikini obviously does!), I think it would be fine.

    Cute, even.

    But I have to admit that, IMO, it is inappropriate to send a child down a runway, to be photographed, in such a skimpy bikini bottom. :s