Designer Shopping in Singapore!

  1. Hi girls, I really need your help here. My family will be taking a vacation in Malaysia & Singapore next month and I'm very excited because I heard that designer bags are cheaper in Singapore (compared to prices in Manila). Do you guys know if it's really cheaper and by how much? I really dig LV & Gucci stuff. Also, I know in Hongkong there are many 2nd hand designer shops that sell authentic purses, are there such shops in Singapore as well? And lastly, they say that tourists in Singapore get a 20% rebate on all of their purchases when they leave the airport. I think you have to fill out a form or something and have it signed at the store where you bought your stuff. Is that really true? I'm so sorry to have so many questions, I just want to be enlightened. Thank you so much girls!!!:yahoo:
  2. Hi Tabbi, to answer your questions, yes there are quite a few second-hand shops that sell authentic purses. Check out Vic Outlet in Far East Plaza, near Anatolia's Turkish Restaurant (check the mall directory). They sell a lot of Prada, LV, Gucci etc. There is also Attic Place, which is at Far East Shopping Centre, on the fourth floor. FESC is next to Wheelock Place along Orchard Road while FEP is on Scotts Road.

    As for rebate, what you get is a rebate on goods and services tax. And it's not 20%, it's 7%. You would need to check in early to get in the queue for the rebate as it usually takes some time to process. Here is more information:

    HTH. Enjoy your trip to Singapore/Malaysia.
  3. Best Place to shop brand new designer bags in Singapore would be Takashimaya along Orchard Road and Raffles Hotel. Even with the rebate, prices in Hongkong would definitely be cheaper than the prices in Singapore for Louis Vuitton products, am not sure with the other brands. For you to have an idea, the prices of LV in Hongkong would be almost the same as the prices in E-luxury on-line shopping. I've bought my Damier Ebony Speedy 30 at HKD4,800.00 last April, 2007. As far as I know, for us living in Asian countries, LV is cheapest in Dubai and next is Hongkong, might also get a good price in Seoul Duty Free (don't know about European countries such as France, though).
  4. Thank you so much! I will definitely be checking out what you have mentioned. It's going to be my first time to visit those countries and I'm really excited. I really hope I can find good stuff there. I will go to the 2nd hand stores, but I'm really more excited to see the the LV stores, which I assume will be so much bigger than the one we have in my country. Thanks again!
  5. out of curiosity - has anyone sold their handbags to shops like Madame Milan? any idea how it works - do they charge a commission off the final selling price of your bag?
  6. You will probably find that most of the stuff isn't actually that much cheaper in the shop, maybe slightly but not loads. The real saving is when you get to the airport on the way home you can claim the rebate and get the 20% back. Be careful of fakes though, Singapore isnt too bad but Malaysia has a lot more.
  7. same question here .. i'll be going to Malaysia/Singapore/Bangkok .. is it really cheaper to buy luxury items in Singapore ??? I am from Australia and luxury items gere are really expensive because of luxury tax.. planning of getting my next LV and Dior there... need your help ladies !!! thanks in advance..
  8. Price the bags out in your destination cities via e-mailing the companies then figure out the duty and other taxes that might come up before you leave. No worries then!
  9. I think its a amazing bags.
  10. The prices are not cheaper but you'll save 7% on VAT when you exit the country.
  11. A rather good alternative will be to look at the online shops based out of Singapore. I'm pretty sure they can arrange delivery to Manila, or to wherever you are in Singapore.

    From what I've seen, the prices can be as low as 30% below MSRP.
  12. yes nowadays the exchange rate for sgd is so high so the bags wont be cheaper anymore than buy online from reseller
  13. I haven't had a chance to look through this blog thoroughly yet but I think it is all about buying bags in Singapore... :smile:
  14. very nice people, very good service. I have friends who have bought from here and they are all happy with the quality of the goods. They are Singapore based and I believe they are having a sale on at the moment!
  15. Singapore didnt have any interesting FO, sometimes only few brands made SALE Event. If you want the FOof Luxury brands, just cross to Johor Bahru (Malaysia) 15 minutes from Singapore Central. There are outlets there. Just choose and picks. It's heaven :smile: