Designer shoes that are orthotics friendly..

  1. So I'll have to start wearing orthotics, it really sucks and I'm only in my early 20s. I'm pretty depressed about it but my Dr. & Feet Dr. (That's what I call him lol) recommends that I buy new shoes..Feet Dr. told me I had guts to bring my super bendable flat shoes into the lab lol.

    I googled and found Taryn Rose, but I'm not too sure if the ballet shoes are firm. The shoes I'm looking for needs to be FIRM. Not bendable or flexible. Can anyone recommend any Designer flat shoes that are sturdy and orthotics friendly?

    I'll have an option to make a custom made shoe done but that's $2000+ and I don't want to wear one shoe all the time ='(

    Thanks in advance TPFers!
  2. I can't think of any!
  3. Ferragamos

    Seriously, they are fabulously comfortable. Lot's of low heel options and multiple widths. The Vara bow would work fine with an insole.
  4. I should also mention I would avoid ballet shoes generally they have no structure and they can't take an insole. Personally, I find heels more comfy then most ballets.
  5. Can you put an orthotic in a shoe? I know Chanel flats can take a custom made orthotic inside, as they have room... some flats are too shallow and your foot will slip out if you put an orthotic inside.

    The orthotics are about $500 to make, but you can put them in many of your shoes.
  6. Thank you so much ladies!
    I'll put Chanel and Ferragamo flats on my to buy list! I wonder if they go on sale? haha

    I have two orthotics, a short one and a long one. Then I have orthopaedic shoes and orthopaedic house slippers =( They're pretty pricey =O

    I'm just happy that my orthotics are comfortable.

  7. I like to use generic inserts in my flats for arch support and find that Chanel and Lanvins are cut too low for the thicker insoles. I own a pair of Blochs, though, that fit my best pair of insoles, no problem. So I say check them out. They are well-made, comfy, and have many different designs/colors.

    What are your orthotics for? Flat feet?

    I find these to be the comfiest for arch support, if you are looking for a generic option:

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  8. Yup! I have them for pes planus, overpronation (flat feet).
    I have two orthotics already and won't be needing anymore since I can get new ones every year plus they also offer maintenance lol So next year, they can adjust it.
  9. Ferragamo, Roger Vivier are classic shoe designers

    I have a pair of Taryn Rose too and I dont really like them... They're too stiff and she makes a very high arch support that actually hurt my feet.

    In general, I always go for structured shoes, and I don't get how these days "ballet" style shoes are so in-style... They're more of like slippers and should not be meant for walking outdoors for the entire day. Not good for your feet, not good for your back, not good for your posture, not good professionally....etc lol
  10. Yikes! If you don't mind my asking, did your doc by chance say you have collapsing arches as well? I have these (so my feet look to have a normal arch when I'm not bearing weight on them, but when I bear weight, my feet flatten out--it's part of having overly lax/loose joints)...I hope I don't end up having to wear orthotics as well, because I already have a heck of a time finding shoes that fit :S
  11. Haha yeah! I need structured shoes, I have orthotics that are custom made so I don't need any type of arch support within the shoe. I just need a normal, flat, firm, non bendable, structured shoe lol I'll go shopping this week for Ferragamos or Roger Vivier..Hopefully I find something I like and orthotic friendly lol
  12. Yes, lol, oh no girl..better start taking care of your feet! I'm pretty sure I'm past the collapsing stage lol I MUST wear orthotics all the time time so I don't have back pain, leg pain and foot pain ..Sigh.
  13. Ooooh! Good to know! Avoid Taryn Rose lol :p Have fun shopping!
  14. Hahaha :biggrin: Thanks! I havent seen Taryn Roae in person though. Reporting back as soon as I finosh around :smile: Thanks a lot ladies for your help!
  15. I had heard that Tod's shoes are super comfy. Also, Cole Haan is supposed to make good shoes with support.