Designer Shoes = no traction?

  1. I don't think the focus of designer shoes is the traction. People buy designer shoes because of the label and because of the higher quality of the materials (theoretically).

    The reason designer shoes are smooth is that they expect you to put whatever type of tread you want on it.

    The marketing has nothing to do with this. They're marketing towards an affluent customer who wants to have the choice as to which tread they want on the shoe. Some people like thick treads and others like thin treads and they want to be able to sell the shoe to both.
  2. Oh I never said that designer shoes focus is on traction. That was just one observation that I found to be strange. And turns out that it has some marketing credibility to it, well according to one of the most notable marketing professors that is, idk...I just think that there is designer appeal to having no traction because let's face it traction looks ugly.
  3. Since I feel like writing because I'm so bored I will write this also

    Rubber soles are safe but unappealing...There is a difference between looking at a Nine West stores full with shoes of ok design and unappealing soles as compared with Loboutin section with red smooth soles. That is combination of design and marketing. Would Loboutin be as appealing if it has rough soles? Of course not...this is marketing imo...
    Also, "People buy designer shoes because of the label and because of the higher quality of the materials" is wrong theoretically though. That's what the marketers want you to think lol... Think about Juicy rubber flip flops for $55. They're not made in Italy, they're made from rubber, which quality wise cannot get too highly complicated like leather, but their price is 10 times those sold at regular stores for instance. I also saw these very very thin Prada thongs that I think would break if someone accidentally steps on it while you're wearing it, but they're $200. People buy designer because of prestige pricing, which is interesting because it is thanks to marketing. There is actually a backbending demand curve with designer products where as prices go down, quantity demanded goes down, which makes no sense, but it does because of marketing. Actually, there are lots of these little boutiques in Europe with high quality hand made products that are on the edge of bankruptcy because people just don't want to buy them. Why? Lack of marketing, lack of faith in the products, etc...
    I won't be a marketer but I just think it's interesting about how consumers react highly to marketing that can ultimately defy the oldest foundation of economic theory :smile: ok talking gibberish again lol...
  4. Um, I stated that theoretically people buy designer because they think they are buying a higher quality product. That's why I used the qualifier word "theoretically." My mother is a marketing professor so I grew up hearing all about this my whole life.

    You claim that you never said that designer shoes 'focus' is on traction, yet the thesis of your rant is that smooth soles=designer shoes. So what exactly are you claiming if it's not that, because you certainly made the case for it.

    That's all I have to say.
  5. lol oops sorry, I completely misread your theoretically part...I thought you meant like theoretical as in written in books...gaahhhh...I'm so tired...

    Ok, ok I just read your post on loboutin. I love the example with loboutin and his famous red soles...That is marketing! Thanks for another
  6. Oh i never said that the whole focus of designer shoes is on making all their soles smooth. Design is the focus and part of that is also making the soles look as appealing as possible.
  7. hmmmm...maybe my thesis is too controversial? I keep chuckling at myself when I buy designer shoes so that I can roll around the carpet and fall! lol...
  8. -What monsieur Louboutin should do is include a pair of soles (in the box) that one could add if they deemed it necessary!:p
  9. Haha I'd love to see eBay flooded with "extra louboutin sole" and then the chinese replicas of those "spare red sole" for $5.00. Pretty soon there would be a thread about "Authenticate my CL Spare Sole" lol. Okay... maybe I went too far with this.
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