Designer shoes for starters - what’s on your list?

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  1. I’m just venturing into designer shoes so quite careful of adding only classics so far.

    My first designer shoe buy was Gucci Jordan loafers. Since then, I’ve added Chanel metallic gold/black two tone slingbacks, Chanel beige/black ballerinas and Chanel navy suede combat boots (new purchase, waiting for winter). I’m thinking of adding some Chanel sneakers but not quite ready yet. I have two pairs of Golden Goose superstars but don’t find them that comfortable.

    Weirdly I tend to be more careful with my designer branded shoes even though I’ve spent just as much on non-luxe brands (I love Martiniano glove flats and glove heels and have 6 pairs and some cost as much as my Gucci loafers and Chanel ballerinas.)

    Thinking now of adding some patent Chanel ballerinas for rainy days.
  2. A few more to consider: Louboutin Pigalle pumps, Manolo Blahnik BB pumps, Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots and Nudist/Nudistsong sandals.
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  4. I’d recommend Lanvin ballet flats, I have a nude patent pair and they’re beautiful and comfortable, as well as low-key if you prefer to wear Designer slightly under the radar.
    Jimmy Choo wedges are wonderful, I have a pair of Portia 120mm which are easy to walk in.
  5. Lanvin ballerinas (if you don't mind resales) are ridiculously cheap to buy. You can easily score some for under $100 on the resale sites.
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  6. Well, dangnamit, I bought my (non pre-loved) Lanvins at full price :lol:
  7. Sadly, all of mine were too.
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  8. Nice list! Re the Valentino, I have two pairs of the kitten heels and love the height and style; I wear both pairs so much and will definitely be adding more to my collection soon.

    I think it might be nice to add some colour; when I started out I stuck mainly with black/nude/metallics, but have found that colour can actually be pretty versatile.

    Others you might want to consider are the Aquazurra Christy or Belgravia flats (or pumps); I find these super versatile (they can easily be dressed up or down which I like) and extremely comfortable.

    I also love my Nicholas Kirkwood Beya flats; they feel like slippers on, the leather is so so supple.

    I also think a delicate heeled sandal can be nice; JC and Gina are my go-to for this style. I also love the MB Chaos but it was too narrow on the front strap for my foot (and I have narrow feet!); SW Nudist is also nice.
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  9. I have Aquazurra Christy and Belgravia in kitten heels and Nicholas Kirkwood Beya flats. They are awesome!
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  10. I'd like the kitten heel Christy, are they comfortable? I also like the Dancer style (with the block heel), I think they'd be great for work/shopping.
    My NK Beya's are SO comfortable. Really need some more. Have my eye on the orange ones for a fun pop of colour.
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  11. What do you recommend to be done at a cobbler? :smile:
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  12. general maintenance?
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  13. As rdgldy noted, a good cobbler is definitely great to have on speed dial for general maintenance if you have already worn your shoes and after a time, find that they are scuffed, the leather torn on the heel or the sole is thinning or wearing down. A cobbler can also add vibram soles to new or old/worn soles to increase longevity and to help with slippage. I just had virbram soles added to 2 paris of Louboutins and a pair of Valentinos. The cobbler also added new leather heel tips as they had worn down on 2 pairs. If you decide to invest any of the luxury brands we've been chatting about, longevity is of the upmost importance considering the price. Good luck and happy shopping!
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  14. nice list! I was also having a hard time choosing between louboutin, jimmy choo and valentino rockstud. After trying everything I chose valentino. But planning on getting a jimmy choo also in near future. I find the ysl tribute to be so simple so that one is out on my list.