Designer shoes for starters - what’s on your list?

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  1. Curious what you ladies would classify as the best designer shoes to invest in?

    I am looking to build a solid collection of timeless, go to pieces. I’ve starting to list things I really want to save for it but am always at a cross between styles/colours.

    My current wish list is:
    -Gucci Brixton loafers (black)

    -Valentino rock stud pumps (can’t decide between kitten/100 mm in patent or pebbled)

    -Valentino sandals

    -Chanel Espadrilles & ballerina flats (black satin/all black)

    -Giovanni Rossi Plexi Pump (black/nude)

    -YSL tribute pumps (colour tbd)

    -Hermes Oran sandal (brown/black)

    -Chloe Susanna booties (gold/black hardware)
  2. Great choices! I have a few of these. I’ve had the Valentino Rockstud kitten heels for 5 years, and cannot recommend them highly enough! They are beautiful, versatile and so comfortable. They’re great in pebbled and patent, but I love the smooth or pebbled leather for boyfriend jeans and denim. I dress mine up and down. I also have the YSL Tribute in the lower heel ( 4 inch) in black patent and they are fabulous! They are so comfortable and look great with everything. Another classic must have for me! I have the Gucci Princetown and the Marmont low heels, and next I’ll get the Jordan loafer. Gucci shoes are comfortable , classic and so well made. I’ve bought and returned the Chloe Susanna in black/ gold. That combo is my favorite, but those boots looked “ busy” on me, and they gapped at the top, making them look too big/ sloppy. I prefer Isabel Marant Dicker and YSL ankle boots. As far as espadrilles, I love Castaner. They are “ original”, and don’t need any logos to look chic.

    You are wise to begin building a classic shoe collection. Shoes and bags elevate any outfit, and the classic ones will last for years with proper care.
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  3. Thank you so much for sharing your collection! Will def look into the other brands you’ve mentioned. I’m new to the designer world but have such an appreciation. It’s quite dangerous...I’ve been dreaming of shoes every night haha!
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  4. I would add a nice pair of sneakers! Perhaps Golden Goose or Alexander Mcqueen!
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  5. Nice list! I have the Valentino pumps with the straps in the medium height heel (sorry I don’t know how many mms) and they are very comfy! I have them in the patent poudre color and they go with a lot.
    I also just got the Chloe Susanna boots in the black and gold and I love the look of them! I haven’t worn them yet as I’ll probably take them out in the fall but IMO I think they elevate any plain simple outfit. Plus they are on sale now on ssense depending on what size you are. I see that the new stock for the Susanna’s has come in and they are $100 more expensive than the regular price of the sale version (they are the same) and so I think a price increase is happening?
    I also have a pair of golden goose sneakers as previous poster suggested and I love them too!
    My next wish list shoes are the Gucci princetown with the fur trim but I’m trying to justify its use as I live in a rainy city. I just love the look of them. As well I want to get a pair of Gucci ace sneakers in a color other than white.
    Good luck! Keep us posted on what you decide to get!
  6. Designer sneakers so your sporty-casual look will always look elevated :lol:

    It's so trendy right now to wear sneakers with dresses and skirts. I would invest in some nice white designer sneakers. Timeless. White sneakers will never go out of style.
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  7. I'm a fan of the Chanel ballet flats as well as the Hermes oran sandals.
    They are both timeless & classic & work with everything is ones wardrobe.
    As a suggestion, I'd try on various styles for fit & comfort & would add sneakers to my wardrobe of shoes
    Happy shoe shopping
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  8. Designer sneaker: Alexander McQueen Platform, Golden Goose, Gucci Ace

    Heels: Christian Louboutin So Kate In Black Or Nude, Valentino Rockstud, Bright Color Jimmy Choo Lang Sandal, Chloe Espadrille Wedge, Manolo Blahnik Hangisis

    Boots: Chloe Susanna, Any Isabel Marant Boot

    Flats: Can’t go wrong with a classic chanel or a fun Miu Miu
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  9. I live in my Ferragamo Vara pumps. I have red patent. I can't begin to explain how wildly versatile (and comfortable) they are.
  10. I like your list!! Variety in styles and brands. I live in my Gucci Princetowns-with and without fur.
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  11. I love most of your list too but totally agree with Havanese on the espadrilles comment. The following is strictly MY OWN OPINION:

    I am a true believer that there is a huge difference in quality and materials used between designer footwear and other lesser brands EXCEPT for espadrilles and jellies. People, these are outsourced categories. Luxury brands do not make these categories in their own usual factories, The best espadrilles are only made in Spain and Castaner is the top of the heap. Virtually everyone contracts out to them and no espadrille has longevity. Espadrilles are season throw away peasant footwear and spending $1000 (or whatever) on them isn’t going to make them last any longer. Designer espadrilles are an oxymoron. Seriously, espadrilles and rubber shoes/boots are not where one should put designer dollars regardless of your disposable income. I wish all would rethink this. Designer espadrilles make me absolutely nuts but I know there will always be those who wouldn’t be caught dead in footwear from the previous season so my rant will fall on some deaf ears but for the health of the planet and future generations I hope this may resonate with some of you. Planned obsolescence in fashion needs to be addressed.
  12. As others have noted, your list is great! I too have many that you have mentioned:

    Gucci Princetowns in black and brown (no fur)
    Valentino Rockstud kitten heels in black
    Valentino Rockstud sandals/flip flops in blush and black
    Chanel espadrilles in beige/black, black and navy
    Chanel ballerinas in various classic colors
    Hermes Oran Sandals in Gold
    *Also can recommend Christian Louboutin Simples, New Decoltissimo in Patent and Maryjane style heels (85mm heel height) and booties (85)

    There are quite a few others that I have too...The important thing is that I have not regretted purchasing any of them! They do elevate any outfit and are timeless classics. If you do decide to get any of the ones you listed, find a good cobbler to keep them in good shape and increase longevity. What a fun journey you are embarking upon. Enjoy and best of luck deciding
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  13. This is true not just for espadrilles and jellies. At least when it comes to men's shoes, the quality of most louboutins is actually inferior to some specialized shoe brands that cost half the full retail price of a louboutin, but quality isn't the main reason these shoes demand higher prices. It's no secret that many of the brands mentioned outsource all or parts of their shoe production.

    To OP most of the shoes that you have on your list are timeless and if you find a good cobbler can be worn for years. The only thing missing in my opinion is a black Louboutin pump ;) . Good luck!
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  14. Agree that there are potential issues throughout all categories of footwear but only espadrilles are truly meant to be disposable.
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  15. great thread, full of staples/classics. My Valentino patent noir black/black 100 mm Rockstuds are super comfortable, and I am still amazed at how long I can wear them pain free.
    I wore my Chloe wedges nearly every day this summer.
    I own a pair of Chanel quilted black 4 inch boots that are also super comfortable and slip resistant (crepe rubber soles, purchased in 2016), worn almost every day in the winter.
    I don't own any jelly shoes or espadrilles, simply not my style.
    YSL booties are amazing, go try some on!