Designer shoes for my massive 42 hoof?

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  1. Hello stylish gals!

    I need some help desperately. I have a work event next week that I have to go all out for next week dress-wize, and my plan was to stick with a basic LBT and pair it with a killer pair of designer heels. But I have a HUGE foot, it's awful!!!! I'm generally a 42, and a large 42 at that. :cursing:

    Could anyone recommend possibly designer shoes that might fit the foot of an ugly stepsister rather than Cindarella :p

    These go up to a 42 but the selection is limited with nothing really dressy plus they are in Spain, may be useful for the future though
  3. I wear a 41 but narrow. I like these stores and websites:

    Bob Ellis carries Jimmy Choo in size 42, Keep in mind that Choo run a size smaller than your normal size. I usually order 42 eventhough I wear 41.

    Good luck on your search!
  4. Thanks for all the speedy replies. I'm seriously considering getting my toes removed so I can fit into all the gorgeous shoes I see :yes:
  5. I know Taryn Rose and Lambertson Truex make larger size shoes.
  6. I have 42s in Choo, Manolo, (hope to buy a Louboutin), and Chanel. If you preorder I sometimes see Bergdorf lists 42s in Gucci. I can fit 41 in Gucci though....Italian sizing seems to fit larger than French. You will need to pre-order your shoes via Neimans, Saks, Gucci or Chanel before they come out to get the larger size though. They are typically sold out by the time the hit stores. Also try eBay.
  7. Thank you for the fantastic advice. I think I'll have to take a trip to Selfridges this weekend and see if I can find any Choos or Manolos in a 42. And I'll definitely look out for some of the other brands suggested. You're all wonderful :heart:
  8. OmGosh, My sister wears a 42 and I feel so sorry for her because she can't find what she wants and if she does it's top dollaaa!

    I'm going to forward these threads. Thanks gals!:smile:
  9. I too wear a 42 in an enclosed Manolo and 41.5 when it's a peep toe version. Imagine my delight when I went to a Neimans and they actually had my size! Sometimes you have to go to Bergdorfs, Neimans or Saks to see if you can actually get your size. I will definitely take BlkLadyLaw's advice and preorder. The thing is to be sure of the fit as my fit varies by style.
  10. I just got the peep toe camoflauge sedarby Manolos and I tried them on at the Neimans in Vegas a couple weeks ago in 41.5 that were surprisingly out on display and they fit OK but were a lil snugger than I would like around the baby toe...but were doable. I happened to find them in size 42 since I've been back home and the 42s are perfect on me. I would consider a 41.5 in a lower heel or flat Manolo. The 42s are rarely available by sale time. The only hope for finding lower prices than full retail is usually finding someone selling them on ebay.

    One morning this week before I left for work I put a Christian Louboutin size 42 in my basket on for pre-order. I figured I would complete the purchase once I got to work. By the time I got to work all the 42s were sold out!! You have to move quickly lol.
  11. I am just afraid of all the stories from new moms at my job who say their feet grew...and for some they grew bigger with each child! Apparantly some hormone is released in your body during pregnancy that allows your ligaments to spread inbetween bones which allows your pelvis to spread. Well it also makes your feet spread and for some people they go back to normal afterwards and for others they do not!!! I bought a bunch of designer shoes from a new mom off of ebay once who had all these fab shoes many never worn that she couldnt wear anymore because she was a size 11 and now requires a 13 after her second child!!!!! One of my coworkers was a size 10 and is now an 11. I am at the very end of the realm of possibility for designer shoes so if my feet grow when I pop kids out I will just die. My boyfriend tries to make me feel better by saying he will personally call Gucci and he will pay whatever premium to get a custom made pair in my size if my feet get too big. I don't even know if that is possible but it made me feel a lil better. :sad:
  12. Girl, lemme find out I tried on the exact shoe! I was in Vegas on Wednesday and the camo Sedaraby was on display and I tried it on. It was a 41.5. I was told it was the last pair. Ain't the world small??? We tried on the same shoe! :yes:
  13. Wow. Small world. Yes I was there April 25 to the 27th!