Designer running shoes / trainers

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  1. Hi,

    My podiatrist banned me from wearing other shoes except a pair of proper running shoes because of my severe flat feet issues. I also have wide feet and since there were not many options, I bought a pair of Saucony.

    I dont usually wear sneakers because my dressing styles are usually tailored / feminine. Sneakers are usually too chunky and huge/wide for my liking. I prefer low top Gucci ace style but cant wear those because he said they're too narrow *sigh*

    I have to follow his advice but I am also wondering if I can get a prettier option. I like the style of Chanel and alexander Mcqueen runners but not sure if they are comfortable, narrow, or can fit orthotics or not.

    Anyone can vouch of a good looking/ pretty/ fashionable /fancy pair of runners? I dont know how to explain it but I would like a pair of proper runners that dont make feel/look dressed down.

  2. I don’t know if it’s helpful, but I’ve been picking up the McQueen and McQ Pumas off of eBay. I’m not particular between guys and girls sneakers, I just buy what looks cool, but they’re some of the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever bought. The prices are really good too for new in box.

    I just got the ortho ban from my doctor on dress shoes and sandals due to foot issues, so I’ve been buying sneakers and Cole Haans. Thank goodness sneakers are now considered cool... hopefully if I’m good with my sneakers, I’ll be able to wear my heels and flip-flops again... but I am enjoying wearing the Pumas.
  3. I actually saw the mcqueen running shoes and the new sneakers and love them too. I will give them a try. Thank you. My dr also said to wear sneakers until issues are fixed and then heels and others occasionally so there's hope for us.
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  5. Adidas is a pretty stylish looking running shoe/trainer - feel better, the feet are so important, they carry all the weight!
  6. Agree! Although not "designer", in the vein of Gucci,LV, etc, there are some limited/special edition Stan Smiths that are amazing. And Adidas do run large, width and length. I get the smallest size available, and they still slide around on my feet. But I double up on no-show socks and deal with it when I really love the shoe. ha

    Good luck!
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  7. Here here. I love my Stan Smiths... they’re great for when I don’t want to get my Nikes or Pumas dirty.. the Stan Smiths look great lived in :smile:
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  8. I think a mod has to do it. Sometimes they end up combining threads when there are duplicates.
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  9. I was going to suggest (Woman by) Common Projects as sleek low key trainers, but if the Gucci Ace is too narrow for you, then the Common Projects won't work as they're even narrower. How about Feit? Their shoes are handmade and the insoles are meant to mold to your feet.

    I agree with those who recommended Adidas. I have several designer sneakers and end up in my Adidas more often. Mephisto has been making less clunky / more stylish shoes; they may have more widths available.
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  10. Thank you, girls! You are such a helpful bunch!
  11. I will suggest Prada if you are liking for dressy sneakers. I have a gold pair that is going onto its 11th year. Hogan and Tods also do dressy sneakier this time of the year..take a look!:smile: