Designer Rockin' Pregnant tPF ladies~

  1. I thought that it might be a good idea to post some pics of ourselves preggo. I know that I do not feel good about myself being this size all the time, but when I do feel like rockin' my designer bags, I feel GOOD! So, I though why not take a pic of me being proud and pregnant!

    Anyhow...just thought it would be nice to share our "good" days:p as those are hard to come by in the later months.
  2. ^U r too adorable!!!u look so great pregnant..CONGRATS on the baby coming and looking so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I myself looked like a beached whale when I was pregnant...hehe!!)
  3. Pic #1 June 2007, Pic #2 30 weeks pregnant
    Pic #3- last week 32 weeks pregnant
  4. ^Ghost and Japster-Fabulous!!
  5. Both of you are absolutely GLOWING!
  6. You guys look great!! There are so many cute maternity clothes nowadays!!!
  7. You guys look great! I think I have to start shopping for maternity clothes soon...:crybaby:Any suggestions where to start? I don't want to break the bank on "fat clothes." Plus I need to save all I can for the little one.
  8. Wow! Ghost and Japster, you ladies are sooo beautiful! I hope that I can look as good as you both do when I am pregnant in the future :flowers:
  9. Hey guys! Thanks so much for the props! LOL~ we can use a little of it in this ummmm....glowing state! :blush:

    Japster~ you look fab! I love your outfits!

    jmakesmyday~ I got A lot of my maternity clothes from old navy. I spent about $450.00. between all these places. I bought just the staples:

    1) Denim skirt
    2) khaki capris
    3) black capris
    4) Wife beaters (4) for summer hanging out
    5) 4 t-shirts
    6) 3 pairs of shorts
    7) maternity jeans
    8) 8 pairs of flip flops for my swollen feet

    I purchased some from Once Upon a Child re-sale. This worked out great as I was able to buy:

    1) denim dress
    2) 2 button down dress shirts
    3) 2 jean capris

    I had a few items left over from 3 years ago...

    1) fab dress from target Issac Mazarhti
    2) 3-4 button down shirts
    3) maternity denim jacket

    The other items I had left are not that cute...and therefore I will purge.

    The shirt in my avatar pic posted is a regular empire waste tunic from forever 21.

    So not all shirts have to be maternity.

    Keep the pics coming girls! Show your glow! :heart:
  10. Ghost and Japster, you two look fantastic!
  11. gorgeous and stylish preggo ladies !!!!!!!!!!! you both look great :wlae:
  12. You both look FAB!!!! I have been talking about getting pregnant now for 2 years (and practicing) I fear the pregnancy so much becuase of weight gain. Im not a small gal (between a 8-12) I go up and down. Looking at you all I realize I may still be able to look stylish after all. (maybe I need I some positive thinking....)
    Anyway, You all look GORGEOUS.
  13. You guys look Beautiful!!

    (Sorry, I don't have any with bags, because I never go out! LOL!-But I'll share mine anyway!)

    Here is me at 21 Weeks,

    Here is me at 32 Weeks.

    And the picture in my siggy is me at 30 weeks!
  14. Oh you gals are just GLOWING! These pics are so beautiful!
  15. You all look so cute. I loved being preggo.