Designer purses price difference in Canada vs. US

  1. Hi all, I'm planning on getting a Gucci for Christmas, but since taxes in Vancouver is 13%, I might consider buying it in the States. Anyone with experience buying it in the US? Is it a big difference other than taxes? TIA!:yes:
  2. Depends on the brand - sorry, I don't buy Gucci so I don't know specifically about it. For example, LV is Canada is often the same price or slightly cheaper, Chanel is the same, and Balenciaga and Hermes are more expensive here. There's no hard and fast rule - your best bet would be to call Holts or Gucci about the bag you're interested in, and compare it to the online price on Saks/NM to see... I don't buy Gucci, so I don't know offhand!

    Good luck!
  3. Prices in Canada are generally higher than in the US - by how much depends on the designer. Taxes are also generally higher in Canada, so that also factors into the decision. Finally, sales on designer bags are generally MUCH more generous in the States than in Canada. If you can, I would wait till the December/January sales and compare the sale prices in the US and in Canada if you can.

    As an example for you, I got my Coach Daphne for US$366 before taxes from Saks in Florida. The lowest sale price I saw for Daphnes at Holt's was still CAD$599 I believe. Huge difference!

    Good luck with buying your Christmas Gucci - and welcome to the forum!