designer pre-sale nordstroms

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  1. i work at the <a href="" style="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 1px dotted #666666;" target="_blank"> Nordstrom</a> in white plains ny. we are currently pre-selling designer bags (marc jacobs, celine, chloe, michael kors & valentino) that will be marked next friday! give us a call if you're interested.

  2. Awesome! Do you know possibly which purses will go on sale?!
  3. Particularly the MJs- TIA ! :smile:
  4. oh yeah lots.

    chloe -bay bags in tan colors, audra (patent shopper with grommets detailing), paddington capsule satchel, elivre hobo in mustard color,

    marc - the quilted elastic stams in blue or green, mayfair shoulder bag in brown, the patchwork stam in bronze,

    valentino - leopard bow shopper, nylon bow shopper, white/black clutch, gold ruffled shopper,

    michael kors -the entire sutton collection - the clutches, clutch bags & shoulder bags

  5. thanks
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  7. may I know how much the bay bag would be?thanks =)
  8. What is the discount percentage? Is it the same for all bags? Thanks for giving us a heads up by the way! :tup:
  9. the designer bags that are being pre-sold are 40% off. but only select styles & colors on sale. i know some brown marcs were on sale in some styles but the ivory ones weren't on sale. it all depends on the style!
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  12. OK guys! This started out fine, but now there's WAY too many of you breaking our ruels!!!
    SA's may ONLY post location and product, they MAY NOT tell people to contact them, ask for them, opst contact info, etc. . . .
    tPF DO NOT use our PM system to contact SA's/Sellers.
    These are all bannable issues.

    She told you where in teh 1st post, look up the phone # and please call we are not here as a platform for transactions.
  13. is longchamp included in this? guess not huh...
  14. Is Celine Bittersweet included?
  15. I just spoke with a very sweet SA at Nordstrom SF. She was able to tell me that MJ Blake in Bordeaux and Cognac and Chloe Bay in various colors are on sale (40%) and among many other bags. Her name is Christina, and she offered to search stores for me and called me back within 20 minutes. :tup: Good luck girls!