Designer Pet Names :)

  1. This might be an odd thread to start :p but does anyone have pets? What are their names? Are they designer names?

    My Pomeranian's name is MIU MIU :push: I also have a Border Collie, named Jenna, but my husband and I have decided her middle name is Coco (CHANEL :heart:!)

    Would love to hear from you ladies!

    Your Friend in Bel Air,
    Melania K.
  2. Yes - I have two little girl cats called Chloe and Edith :girlsigh:
  3. I think this is a great idea for a thread!

    Our dogs don't have designer names, but I think they can be really cute!

    I used to have a neighbor dog named "Chanel." She was a gorgeous Doberman, and it really suited her!

    Our dogs are named Tekarra, (after a mountain here in Canada) Bella-Luna, (Beautiful Moon--she is the cutie in my avatar) Willow, and Rowan, our little "tree" name pups, and Ishi, after an American Indian Warrior. (This dog survived for the first ten months of his life, against all odds, on a reserve.)
  4. Bella-Luna is a beautiful name. She's such a cutie!
  5. My girlfriend called her pet Parrot Hermes. :yes:
  6. My FSIL's dog is named Prada.
  7. One of my cats is named Louis.

    At some point I want to get a dog and I have names picked out for them:

    If it's a Maltese, Miki (as in Mikimoto)

    If it's a brown and white Papillon, Coco
    If it's a black and white Papillon, Prada
  8. my teacup poodle's name is Lola. She is very fashionable, high maintenanced and whatever lola wants, lola gets..! :yahoo:
  9. ^^ hahah, love it!!!
  10. My cousin`s cat is called Gucci and he is a very elegant pet! :yes:
  11. My dog's name is Chloe! (unintentionally a designer, I just loved the name)
  12. My min pin is Lola too, we say that all the time and also sing to her "her name was Lola, she was a show girl" LOL!
  13. My toy poodle's name is Louis after Vuitton and hes a cutie pie :smile:
  14. No designer names for me.

    Coby is just a human name that suits him perfectly.

    Loki (Norse God)

    Dozer (like BullDozer the BullDog) not very original but it came up at the petshop because he was running into everything - not around but bulldozing right through. lol I tried to come up with French names after but Doz just fit.

    A coworker of mine had a Yorkie named Louis - such a cutie! That's the only designer named dog I have seen in person. :p
  15. My sister named her Chihuahua's Chanel and Valentino :p