Designer perfume at discount stores

  1. I tried to do a search but came up with nothing. Mods, please move if needed! I'm wondering about buying designer perfumes at discount stores. I was in Gordman's today and found D&G's the one. I just ordered it from Sephora with the friends and family discount but had it shipped to my mom's because it's a Christmas gift. Anyway, I was excited to see it there and sprayed the perfume but it didn't smell right. It didn't stink, but didn't smell like I had remembered it smelling at Macy's. It didn't smell nearly as good. At first I was really disappointed, thinking I had ordered this perfume and now am realizing I don't like it, but I know I loved it after spraying it on myself at Macy's. It lasted all day. It's now not even 2 hours later and I can't smell it on my wrist at all. So my question is...are the perfumes at stores like Gordman's, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc., old, or something? Or maybe it was just that particular tester bottle. Most of the other perfumes I smelled today smelled like they normally do.
  2. I'm guessing it would depend on the specific brand of perfume in how quickly it breaks down and such. I'm thinking when discount stores get the perfumes its when the department stores get newer shipments in and they need to clear the older inventory. Otherwise, it could be that the store got too much of a specific brand and its not a hot seller.

    It's probably a toss up but I,personally,don't think I would buy beauty products and such at discount stores like tjmaxx. But it would also depend on how much the discount was and whether it was something I would use up quickly. You just don't know how long it has been sitting on a shelf.
  3. I'm not sure...when SJP's covet came out it didn't take long for it to end up at TJMaxx, so I knew it couldn't be old, plus I've had fragrances for YEARS that have been opened and used and they smell no different from when I first opened the package, so I don't think the age really matters in terms of perfume. I've heard of places or people trying to replicate a scent and selling it that way, and not using all of the ingredients, or swapping ingredients from one thing to another, so it's possible that is what happened in your case, the retailer wasn't really selling the authentic perfume. I know not all discount perfume retailers are scams though, there is a discount perfume store that my family visits somewhat regularly (at least once a year) and we have known the shop owner for over 10 years, and we have a great relationship with her, so I know she's not a scammer, kwim? However, those little kiosks in the mall, not the actual stores, but the cart vendors, they are what worries me, since half the time I've never even heard of these fragrances, like I always see the sex and the city perfume's at the vendor carts, but I've never seen them being sold anywhere else!
  4. It is possible that the particular bottle you tested was old or had been exposed to heat. That would certainly alter the scent. Stores like Gordmans, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx get unsold stock from department stores. It is hard to tell how long it may have sat on the shelves or what it may have been exposed to during shipping and storage.
    While this may not be true of all outlet stores, the fragrances and cosmetics at my local TJ Maxx stores always old and picked through. It grosses me out.
  5. My sister has a perfume from a store like Marshall's that smells just like it should (and smells great!). I have a ten-ish year old bottle of Clinique Happy that smells wayyy different than it used to, and different than it should, so I do think that some perfumes can break down over time, and perhaps the one you saw was older?
  6. I don't know D&G The One, but does it come in Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum, could it be that you sprayed the EDP in Macy's and the EDT in TJMaxx? That will make a difference and sometimes they do smell different. I know that my 24, Faubourg EDP and EDT smell differently even though it's the same fragrance!
  7. /\ You posted my thoughts. I've bought perfume from department stores and discount stores and in my experience what mattered the most was if it was EDP or EDT. Toilettes last about 2 minutes on me regardless if it came from Macy's or Marshalls. lol
  8. There's a perfume outlet called Perfumania and it can be found at most major outlet centers. There are other outlet perfume stores, but this one is my favorite. They have a great selection of designer perfumes and the prices are amazing. Their website is You can locate a store near you from their website. I've also found that Burlington Coat Factory and Nordstrom Rack sell designer perfume at great prices. I have seen perfumes at places like Ross, TJMaxx, and Marshalls, but have not purchased a perfume there yet.
  9. A lot of discount stores (Marshall's, Burlington Coat Factory, etc.) sell knock offs of the perfume that are made to smell like the perfume they are mimicking but are not made up of the same ingredients, therefore not having the exact same smell as the ones in department stores. I bought a "Burberry" perfume from Burlington that did not smell like the one I used in Macy's, but I still thought it smelled good and it was cheap so I was happy.
  10. I was just at the outlet centers and this must have been the store I went into. They had the perfume I use that costs approx $80 at Nordies for $49. I was wondering if they were reputable. So they are good? No counterfeit or old merchandise?

  11. There could e a number of reasons it seems different. And good for you for noticing! The first thing that always comes to mind is counterfeit. There are many stores I just will not trust when it comes to fragrances. Counterfeiting is a huge problem with fragrances.

    Second, as mentioned, it could be old stock and already broken down, although if it was boxed and sealed it shouldn't have... so maybe it was stock that was ruined by improper storage and should have been thrown out instead of sold at a discounters?

    It shouldn't matter if it was an EdT or an EdP as they would still smell good, just one would be richer with less alcohol. It wouldn't smell bad, the EdT would be more transparent, but a variation of the same EdP or perfume. So I don't think that is the problem.
  12. Oh dear!!!! Eeeekkkkkkkkssssssss........! Thanks for warning us! How do they counterfeit fragrances :sad: