Designer passport holders

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  1. recommend me some please! I feel like splurging.
  2. :graucho:

    And how much do you feel like splurging? Cos the top passport holder on my covet list would be something from Bottega Veneta :heart:
  3. honestly, no clue at the moment. Probably something that is MAX 500.
  4. I have a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas passport holder which I like a lot. It has two slots, one for the passport, one for eventual tickets (train eg), three credit card slots and another slot for bills or miscellaneous papers.
  5. I have a Smythson one, traditional British stationers to the Royal family. I think my passport holder was around $200
  6. ^^ooooh, the Smythson ones are NICE! It'll make up for the ugly design of the new US Passports
  7. ^^^ And beautiful hardwearing leather, I have the pink one
  8. ^ I just checked the website, and oooh! They have some pretty things!
  9. This is fabulous but not designer. It is a black croc one ($270) although I cannot vouch for the company as I've never bought form them.


    Neiman's usually have some good wallets, etc in so try there but they have very few on their site.
  10. I vote for Smythson as well. It has got such a rich heritage and I especially love their first and most beautiful Bond Street Store. The leather is hard-wearing and of fantastic quality. Their products are beautiful and very durable! Love love love their exotic skins as well!
  11. ^^^ That's one of the reasons I like them so much, I love these old luxury companies
  12. I don't know if Hermes makes them under $500, but I'm sure them make some pretty fab ones.
  13. The Hermes ones are nice. I was going to get one but instead I got the Globetrotter Zippered Agenda and use that to carry travel documents. If you want to splurge the agenda is amazing...I carry my life around in that thing.
  14. I remember that coach had some last year when I went to an outlet