Designer outletstores in Berlin?

  1. I'm going to Berlin wednesday for 5 days and I wanted to know if there are designer outletstores. I'm staying in a hotel near Kurfürstendamm/Park Tiergarten. (and verrrry close to KaDeWe! ow my poor wallet :sweatdrop:)
    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. i found one on the internet. never been there, so i can't say whether the stuff is good or not. let me know if you need a translation. ;)
  3. Bart has been to the B5 before, and he says it's not that great and that Wertheim & Ingolstadt Village are much better and have a better selection.
  4. ah, good to know, thanks! ;)
  5. If I remember correctly, there is one where you have to turn into some street going along the Ku'Damm from KaDeWe. There used to be a sign showing the direction. If you stay in a hotel so close, maybe you can walk and check? It's been a long time since I've been to Berlin...
  6. thanks! that's great information! I'll definately check it out!
    wish it was wednesday already :drool:!