Designer or nothing?

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  1. I know this topic comes up a lot, but is having a name-brand purse more important to you than carrying a bag that looks nice? I have a class with this girl who makes a show of carrying around her Prada...thing is, it's kind of dingy and (my opinion of course) completely bland. I would rather grab something from Target that's in good condition than carry a name brand purse that looked like it'd seen better days. Other POV's?
  2. i sort of agree. but i also think most of us work hard for and appreciate our bags. we baby them so they stay in good shape. i do feel thoguh that my coach bags or lv puts a little spring in my step i just dont get from carrying a banana republic or danier bag.
  3. I don't need to carry a designer bag, but I cannot carry a dingy bag. All of my handbags are in very good to excellent condition. Most of my bags are designer.
  4. well i am with gabz on this one because i could walk about with a bag from H&M but when i walk about balenciaga, people look and it makes me feel a lot better.
  5. I'm with Rockst@r. Carrying a bag that's in great condition and looks nice is way more important to me than carrying a designer bag. But I do baby my bags.

    I have one Botkier that is a little dingy, so now it's reserved for things like football games, where no one is looking at my bag anyway and I wouldn't want to risk getting a nice one dirty.
  6. I usually only carry designer bags. That being said, they are not dingy and look really nice. To me it's not one or the other.
  7. I just have to love it. The thing is, I *usually* find no-name bags to look cheap to me, or they just aren't my style. That doesn't mean that they're not good enough, they just aren't for me.

    I would rather carry a no-name bag that is CLASSY looking, than a designer piece that's flashy and tacky.
  8. For me, it more like "quality or nothing". I will not carry a a bag that is shoddily made. Even before I owned designer bags, I always bought bags that were at least made well.
    I also agree that I couldn't carry around a bag that is beat up or dirty. I see this a lot. I see these gals carrying around light colored Coach canvas bags that are absolutely black on the bottom. EWWW! I can understand carrying a bag as much as possible if you've paid a lot, but there does come a point where you have to retire it.
  9. It doesn't bother me to buy a not that well known brand of bag as long as I like it. I have several "fair priced" very cool bags. I buy bags because I like them, not because of the brand.
  10. Rock star said it best i would never carry something that was in poor condition which makes me question the bag but overal i also agree with aother members comment b/c i do feel that added that is hot mentality when i bring out my dooney and such it just somethign about the labels design on the item which makes the bag stand out and inevitable comments on you overal ... people can tell you take interest in yourself and items overal
  11. ITA! I love my designer bags, but once it gets to a certain state, it's time to go. I would rather replace her with a less dingy bag, and would go with a well made less expensive bag, than a shoddy looking bag with a designer lable attached.
  12. I agree with the majority. I would rather carry a classy, CLEAN bag than a shoddy, poorly maintained designer one. However, I am fortunate enough that most of my bags are both clean AND designer!
  13. It seems that quality, style, and durability are often synonymous with "designer labels." They go hand in hand -- you get what you pay for in most cases. I pay $$$ for quality, craftsmanship, and beauty, which are extremely difficult to find in cheap, made in China bags these days (though it is still possible sometimes with labels like Coach, et al).
  14. Yeah, if it is dingy, I agree that I'd rather carry a generic, cute, and clean purse. I don't HAVE to have designer, but I prefer it, of course.
  15. honestly, i prefer designer...................