Designer of this bag?? Mischa & friend

  1. no idea, soory!!!:cry:
    look at that man behind....:nuts:
  2. Not sure about the bag but shes carriying some nice chloe wedges!
  3. Yes they look gorg.
    Unfortunately i know pretty much every designer of every item they are wearing except for the bag!! :sad:
  4. I think the bag may be TULCI.
  5. tulci? thanks for that!..ill look into it:biggrin:
  6. It reminds me of the YSL Vincennes Hobo. Not really sure though since it has a shorter handle than the one she has.:biggrin:
  7. Her dog is soo cute! Does anyone know what breed it is?
  8. Can you imagine if she was wearing them with those pants?
  9. I'm not 100% sure but I think that the dog is a pomeranian. It's sooo adorable!
  10. Yeah, the dog is a Pomerian adorable!! the bag is eh
  11. It might be a pom x silky like mine
    they look similar...?
  12. im getting that chanel lux bowler in the next few freakin excited!
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