Designer Michael Kors tells women what they need and why


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Jul 31, 2006
[vogue];1360617 said:
While he's horrible at designing, his advice is mediocre. Not bad at all.
Michael Kors horrible designer:confused1: :shrugs: Wonderful designer is the first thing that comes to my mind about him.
Sep 23, 2006
I think his clothing is very chic and casual. His clothes are also very comfortable and I think that I will buy more from his clothing line. I am a big Michael Kors fan because he is one of my favorite designers.:love:


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Oct 19, 2006
i *heart* Michael Kors as well. i really like his advice too. very classic american chic clothing.
May 8, 2006
I disagree about him being a "horrible designer"...on what grounds? His line(s) may not be in YOUR taste but that does not mean he is a bad designer at all. He has a certain customer and a very specific look and is consistently true to that. And if you look at the figures, he is selling phenomenally...and fashion IS essentially a business...

anyway I also disagree with the whole aviator shades way, not for me.
Sep 15, 2006
Personally, I like a lot of his stuff - usually simple pieces with a lux feel. I agree with most of his advice too - however aviator sunglasses look horrible on me! I'm never going to look like Elle McPherson or Kate Moss, no matter what I wear...(and I'm ok with that).

Ms. P

Jul 26, 2006
Long Island
I like a lot of his designs also, some I can't really afford, but he does have a reasonabley priced line of merchandise in Bloomingdale's.

Also, I enjoyed his thoughts on what women should own, most of it I think we're already well aware of but the rest does make a lot of sense to me for long term wardbrobes.

Let's face it when your young you just buy a ton of leaser expensive stuff that is in style at the time. But as we get older we want to build a long lasting classic classy wardbrobe. (or at least I want to)

Thanks for posting the article


Sep 9, 2006
My thoughts on his thoughts:

Diamond studs... DUH
Pearl strand... DITTO
Aviators... love mine, but there are other styles of sunglasses out there that work better on some women.
Chunky bracelet watch... good advice, this is something that looks great on most people. I personally find chunky watches suit me much better than delicate ones... somehow, they make my arm/wrist look slimmer.
His bag advice is good... I pretty much already have everything he recommends
Shoes... metallic sandals? sure
nude ballet flats? ew no thanks I will stick with my black ones
loafers? no... never been into them... give me nice ballet or pointy toe flats instead, please. loafers are too preppy for me
every woman should wear heels? i agree. unless you have something wrong with your feet. but I think his "two Advil" cutoff for height is a little extreme.
strappy sandals, pumps and slingbacks... meh. I don't own any slingbacks as they tend to slip off my feet, and don't see a need to own any either.
high-heel, fitted-shaft brown suede boot? nah... suede is too high maintenance. If I could only have one pair of boots, I'd stick with my high-heel, fitted-shaft black leather knee boots... much more practical for city wear AND black goes with my wardrobe a million times better than brown.

Interesting thoughts but I've seen much better lists of must-haves. I also think he's a mediocre designer... but I do love his shoes. I have several pairs -- I've found that both his signature line and Michael by Michael shoes are very comfortable and sharp looking.

Sep 22, 2006
I also :heart: Michael Kors! He is designs very functional clothes and accessories for the modern day woman. I would describe my style as sexy-conservative and his designs fit that perfectly. Most of his pieces are very classic yet follow the current trends of the season....which is great when your spending that kindof cash on his stuff. Although I do get ton of his stuff on ebay... like recently where I just nabbed his signature shopper bag in black retail: $398 for $200! :yahoo:


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Jun 1, 2006
Michael Kors is an incredible designer. Most of his pieces are cut too striaght up and down for my curves but I do love his sportswear.

I love reading through advice and knowing myself well enough to understand: 1) what needs to go on my shopping list, pronto! 2) what advice I can easily reject [e.g. aviators look ridiculous on me] and 3) what I should try on and keep an open mind about.