Designer magazine/catalogue from Hong Kong, what is it and where can I get one?

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  1. OK, so for ages I've seen references to these catalogues/magazines which just show pages and pages of louis bags etc. I've just seen one on ebay which is a 209 page catalogue filled with the latest louis and other brands. Does anybody know where a UK girly can get hold of these? I just want to drool over the piccys of all the louis v's which I currently can't afford x
  2. you can find them at asian bookstores.. specifically in japanese ones.. if you have a japantown near you, i'm sure you can find it there.

    **I just realized that you aren't from the States.. hopefully you guys still have asian bookstores there in the UK.
  3. No doubt there will be some in London, I'm out in the sticks so will have to browse when I go visit my brother in law
  4. check out
    there are quite a bit of the magazines u were referring to..
    there's english version if you click the top..
    let me know if you have trouble browsing the website..
    ask me if you aren't sure which ones you should get..
  5. hi, thanks for the link, might need a tad bit of help finding them, not sure if I am just being stupid and can't see them x