1. Good Evening Ladies,

    I will be visiting in the Manhattan NY area 5/17-5/21 and was wondering if you are aware of any good places to purchase
    designer look handbags(LV, Kate Spade, etc)

    Also, any outlets I can buy discount Broadway Musical Tickets?

    Thanks for your input :yes:

  2. Do you mean counterfeit handbags?
  3. The designer Inspired look bags
  4. We can give you some great places to purchase AUTHENTIC bags! :yes:
  5. ^^right, but do you mean fakes?
    That means something different to everyone.
    Just asking. . . you won't find anyone here referring you to buy counterfeits, that's all.
  6. I don't think she means fake bags, simple inspired... (like no mention of the real brand at all, just the basic shapes of the bags?) Maybe?
  7. are you talking about how you buy fake bags in New York City...your going to have a hard time finding them. They are cracking down on the counterfit bags =)
  8. :lol: Unbelievable...SMH

    Somebody made a wrong turn.:roflmfao:
  9. if you want designer inspired bags without any logos...try forever 21...
  10. WTH? Is this person for real?
  11. I won't comment on the bags ... believe me if you look - they are easy to find ...

    but for cheap BWAY shows - go to TKTS at Times Square ... get there early, the line is always around the block ... and they sell tickets for shows THAT DAY - some are discounted ...
  12. Do you mean counterfeit, illegal, terrorist supporting, fake bags? Thankfully LV and other companies have been aiding police in raiding alot of dealers. NY is hit at least twice a week.
  13. Can someone tell me how buying fakes supports terrorism? I am obviously 100% totally against fakes (and take great pleasure in reporting them) but I am still trying to get some of my family members to stop buying them! The "children in a sweatshop" argument should be enough, but I think this argument might be the nail in the coffin!


  14. ^you can do a search if you'd like. . . let's not hi-jack this thread, okay Ladies?