designer let-downs...pricey bags that fell apart!

  1. i know the majority of us justify spending over 1K on a handbag because the designer is known for producing quality items. i like to do a lot of research before shelling out that kind of money on anything. before buying my latest bag then i looked at several other bags. when i read about someone's 1500 dollar bag falling apart on their first day of use then i definitely steered clear of it. i've been wanting to get a chanel bag since forever but i've read about the stitching on their latest cabas bag falling apart for some people. stories like that make me really question the quality of all their bags. for over 1K we should definitely get the top quality. has anyone ever had any horror stories about their high end bags falling apart way too soon? did u get to have it fixed at the boutique or did u not get any help?
  2. I've had two Gucci duds, where the handles have broken in two (both were the bamboo handles). Both Gucci in New York and London took them back and replaced them without hesitation. I also bought a beautiful Furla bag some years ago, and the leather strap fell off at the seam. I took it to a repair person to get it redone, but it keeps coming apart. I had bought it in NY but had moved to London when it fell off, so coudn't take it back to where I'd bought it. Very frustrating!
  3. I have been thinking about this very same thing! DId you read the post about Thomas Wylde? Sometimes I think we are just getting ripped off. Buyer beware! I expect perfection in any bag even over just $500 let along 1550!
  4. I haven't had any let-downs yet...the closest thing is the leather on Mum's LV Damier Triana's handle chipping away...but she brought it back and two new handles were replaced for nothing :smile:
  5. Plus you know how much mark-up are in these bags when you see how much on sale they can sell for and still make $$$. I bought a Mulberry Rosemary at Saks original 995 for 350, and while I love it, it has a "made in China" label right there - way way overpriced, right??
  6. I've found that in most cases, you are just paying for a name. Many Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Chanel bags are terribly flawed. They often have defective materials or hardware. Certain Gucci products are known for zipper problems. Marc Jacobs bags have a lot of manufacturing issues with their hardware (zipper pulls falling off, zippers breaking, studs falling off). It's terrible and there are many more brands that are really not as well made as they should be for the price they ask.

    Vuitton, is really the only brand that stands out in my mind that holds up pretty well over time.

  7. So what's the point? Quality is an issue for me!
  8. I started a similar thread titled "when the popular labels fail you what next". It was a result of many complaints about kooba bags color rubbing off. It was a pretty good thread yall should check it out
  9. I agree. Quality is an issue for most people who shell out big bucks for high-end designer bags. It's unfortunate that many brands do not produce quality products but instead, lines of defective merchandise.

  10. really? kooba's color rubs off? great, i just got a black paige :sad: we''ll have to wait & see.
  11. Well, I guess what they say is true, "there's a sucker born every minute" myself at the head of the line!
  12. I think most people expect quality for a high price! A recent friend of mine bought her first designer purse recently, a Coach, and was thrilled because it's the first purse of hers where the zipper doesn't catch.

    LV is good. I've been sticking with Chloe becaue I think they're high quality although I've heard other people complain. I have a Prada I love but I do think they have quality issues. The handle has already start to split by the brass hardware (only a few monts old) and I am sure I will need to replace it, and I've seen ones where the Prada gold logo on the front have all but fallen off. Luckily I bought the bag on sale.
  13. I returned a Chloe metallic because of color transfer issues, sorry to say. I was so disappointed. The bag itself was just lovely otherwise.

    I know that many people on this forum don't conside Coach to be a quality purse, but they stand behind their product. With the lifetime warrenty. I've sent them a 10 year old purse with normal wear & tear where the edges were scuffed and worn down and they replaced the edges and made it look like new. Now in my mind that's really standing behind their product!

    Mind you I don't work for Coach - it was just the first brand that I bought into. Now I'm into LV and Channel, but I still think Coach is a very good product.
  14. I have a white leather Fendi hobo that is completely unusable. When I bought it, there were very slight yellow marks on the inside of the shoulder strap, where the strap attaches to the bag. They were on the inside of the strap and very light, so I got a discount for the damage and bought it anyway.

    Now, about 3 years later, the faint yellow has turned neon yellow-green :wtf: and spread over most of the strap - it looks horrible. I've seen similar bags on eBay, and they all have the same issue, so I know it wasn't just my bag.

    I took it back to Bloomingdales where I bought it and they wouldn't do anything because I had knowingly purchased a damaged bag and was given a discount. I don't have any Fendi boutiques near me, so I never did anything more about it - it just sits in my closet.:crybaby:

    I have 5 other Fendi bags and haven't had any problems with them, but I'll never buy another white Fendi.
  15. The best quality bags so far I got from LV. I never had a problem with the craftsmanship, and once the button on a wallet became slightly too loose on a 10-year-old used wallet, the store fixed it - for free.