Designer Keyring/chain for my B-day

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  1. Help please!!!

    it's nearly my B-day and I the only thing I would really like to get is a nice keyring/keychain....
    The day before my B-day I'm taking my driving test.... driving lessons have cost me an arm and a leg and I'm really proud of myself for getting this far and paying for it all by myself!!

    I would love a nice fancy keychain for my car key!!
    any ideas???

  2. I have two Juicy Couture right now, but I'm currently using the engagement ring keychain. I get compliments on it ALL the time. In fact, I think I get more compliments about it than anything else I own. Lol... Then again, it's a keychain... I use the same one everyday unlike clothes, bags, and accessories lol.
    Juicy Key.jpg crown.JPG
  3. Yes I have juicy too for a keyring. Burberry makes great ones too. I own a silver plaid engraved keychain from burberry and it's amazing!
  4. Check out Gucci! They've some nice keychains.