Designer Kai Milla is Mrs. Stevie Wonder

  1. Kai Milla’s Just Enough for the City – Rachel Dodes
    Designer Kai Milla, also known as Mrs. Stevie Wonder, has been trying to break into the New York fashion scene since 2005, when she presented her first collection in New York. But it’s taken some time to get her collection off the ground, says Ms. Milla, who studied art in Washington, DC.
    “I had to make some drastic changes,” says Ms. Milla, including moving her design office to New York two months ago and hiring a new president — Donna Karan alum Gary Nelson — who has been working with the company since last season. Previously, Ms. Milla was based out of Los Angeles.

    Today’s fashion show was the first time Ms. Milla showed her collection in the tents at Bryant Park. Petite and demure in a pencil skirt and blouse of her own design, Ms. Milla said her business is finally ready to grow. “You have to take your time,” she said.

    Mr. Wonder and their two young sons were seated in the front row, and grooving to the music, which included a version of Mr. Wonder’s song, “Living for the City.” But Ms. Milla insisted that her husband had no say in her musical selections for the show. “I am the music person!” she said. “But he did tell me I had to use one of his songs every season.”
  2. I purchased a few of her pieces when she did a show here in DC. I love the dresses, very beautiful fabrics, great cuts that compliment my body.
  3. I think she is so talented. She has a wonderful concept on colours texture and fabrics.

    Thanks for posting.